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iPad mini Cases: Perils of the cheap option


Last week I was feeling smug about the cheap £5.50 plastic back case I bought to complement my iPad mini’s Smart Cover. Unfortunately I am now unsmugged after one corner of the case came adrift from the device. It refused to clip back into place and I was forced to return it for refund.

Rather than risk another of the same, I opted for a Super-Touch Smart Gel Case.

It was even cheaper, at £4.95 (with free Prime delivery) and when it arrived this morning I immediately decided it was a better bet than the previous hard-shell case. The flexible gel material makes it easier to mount and unmount (for my frequent SIM changes) and the case appears to fit perfectly. The Smart Cover clips on without a problem and the gel material is softer to the touch. In fact, for less than £5 this is an all-round good guy. Recommended.

by Mike Evans, 21 December 2012