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Canon EOS M and Leica lenses: More mischief afoot


This morning I received an interesting little gadget, an M adapter for the Canon EOS M no less. This turns my bargain £149 camera¹ into a poor man’s Leica T. Well, almost. So I now look forward to hours of mischief bolting on Noctiluxes and Summiluxes and Elmarits and comparing the results with the M and other cameras. First impressions are positive, though the lack of a viewfinder is an obvious impediment for manual focus. Common sense and everything I hold dear tells me the Canon will not win, as I know well that pigs are unable to fly. Watch this space.

See the work-in-progress gallery of images taken with Leica lenses on the EOS M


¹ I paid £199 for the EOS M and 18-55 zoom lens. So, assuming a charitable valuation of only £50 for the lens, the camera cost me £149.

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  1. I’ve been using the eos m since July 2014. Love the quality of images – even adapted my old fisheye FD lens – the kind of textures bokeh is stunning. I don’t miss the viewfinder (mind you I’ve worked with SLR film cameras for decades) as the LCD touch screen is very intuitive. As to the money saved it can be invested in lenses – portable monitor.

    • I agree. A very underrated camera which is now incredible value for money. I too like the touch screen. As a second camera with a novel touchscreen it is a little gem.

  2. Innteresting exercise but ultimately a waste of time. The EOS M is a busted flush as you can tell from the low price that is the only way it will sell.

  3. There’s no reason this camera shouldn’t produce same results as the Leica t and XV not to mention all the other cameras with the same sensor. But wouldn’t you be better off with a discounted Fuji Xe1 for not much more? At least you’d have a viewfinder.

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