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Evris Papanikolas and the new TieHerUp camera bag

 Things to come: Evris Papanikolas with his prototype leather camera bag. 
Things to come: Evris Papanikolas with his prototype leather camera bag. 

We are a great fans of the camera straps made in Greece by Evris Papanikolas under his TieHerUp brand — especially the Rock n’ Roll series which we wrote about last week. Now Evris is expanding his repertoire and first up is what looks like a great camera bag. I don’t have details yet but we hope to get our hands on one of these bags when Evris visits London on October 17-19 for Thorsten von Overgaard’s workshop.


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  1. I can’t say I’m a fan. I ordered a strap from them, and when I received it, it was short… and not a bit short. I wrote to them and Evris immediately wrote back offering to send me a new strap. Although he wanted to send it to me free of charge, feeling it was the right thing to do and to offer support for a small company, I offered to pay 50% of the price, which I did. The second strap arrived… again too short and this time with the wrong rings. I had specified it was for my X-Pro2 and it seems the Fuji require smaller rings. As I was leaving on holiday I thought I would just forget about the shortness, after all it’s still better than nothing, and started to attach it to my Fuji. I had not noticed the rings were smaller than on the first strap and one got stuck half way on and I couldn’t budge it. Great… one side hanging off and the one ring that was attached was completely stuck. After hours I did manage to get it off but not without scratching the camera top plate. I wrote to Evris who again, was very apologetic and again offered to send a new one free of charge and he would personally double check everything before sending the strap. So when I got back from my holiday, the strap had arrived and… you guessed it, it was too short. During my absence Evris also sent me an email offering me yet another strap of my choice, but I declined thinking what is the point !

    Evris seems like a nice, decent man… but if he (or his workers) can’t get a simple strap order right after 3 attempts, I just give up.

    I will be getting another Artist and Artisan, one of which I have been using for years on my M9, for twice the price.



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