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Leica announces three limited edition M lenses


Leica rangefinder enthusiasts now have three enticing limited edition lenses to choose from. This week Leica announced a retro 50mm App-Summicron in black chrome, a 28mm Summilux in silver-anodised finish and matte black paint edition of the retro 28mm f/5.6 Summaron.

Apo-Summicron-M 50 f/2 ASPH, black chrome

Adopting the styling of the vintage Summicron from 1956, the black-chrome retro edition features the characteristic scolloped focus ring, with barrel components machined from brass. The engravings for focal length and distance are enamelled in red, meticulously applied by hand. It comes with a vintage-style circulate lens hood made from solid brass.

The lens, which is reminiscent of the recent LHSA 50th anniversary special edition, is limited to 700 pieces and will cost £8,100, including VAT, in the UK.

Leica Summaron-M 28 f/5.6, matte black paint

This tiny matte-black retro lens is identical mechanically to the silver version announced last year. Leica claim that the exclusive colour option turns the lens into a “stealthier version”. It is modelled on the screw-mount lens produced in Wetzlar between 1956 and 1963. With a length of under 20mm, it is the smallest lens in the M-System portfolio.

Limited to 500 pieces, the black Summaron will retail for £2,600.

Leica Summilux-M 28 f/1.4 ASPH, silver anodised

Based on the existing black lens, the silver Summilux will appeal particularly to owners of silver M-system cameras. Technical specifications are identical to the black version. 300 units of the silver lens will be produced worldwide. It will retail for £5,800 here in the UK.

Further information and full specifications of the three lenses can be found on the Leica website.


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