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Arte di Mano Q2 case arrives at Macfilos


A review sample of Arte di Mano’s ingenious leather half-case for the new Leica Q has just arrived. I thought I’d share this preliminary picture with you as a greaser for the review that will follow. I will be putting the case through its paces over the next couple of weeks. Unusually for my taste (which tends to veer towards the black), this case is in a more traditional brown leather and sets off the Q2 to perfection. I bow to Sejun Kim’s recommendation which has taken me slightly out of my comfort zone, and that is no bad thing.

Beautiful packaging is a hallmark of this South Korean luxury leather manufacturer

I know that many photographers don’t like half cases covering up their pride and joy. They prefer to use their camera as nature intended and I certainly have no problem with that because these things are very personal. As always, I can see both sides of the argument. Some cameras – for instance, a pro DSLR or even the new Panasonic Lumix S1 and S1R don’t lend themselves to half cases. I’ve never even seen one for this type of camera.

The Arte di Mano case complements the Leica Q2 perfectly (note that the off-shade strap is a Nevada Classic by Rock n’ Roll, although Arte di Mano can sell you a matching strap for your case, made from the same leather)

But for Leica cameras (and some other brands, Fuji being a good example) half-cases have allure. They protect the body and, if constructed carefully, can actually improve the handling. In some cases, as with this one, a hand grip is integrated.

Quality workmanship, everything perfectly aligned and meticulously executed

One of the big negative factors with many cases is the need to remove the them to get at the battery or SD card slot. It’s a real chore and, for that reason, I will pass on Leica’s otherwise admirable cases. The AdiM case, in contrast, is extremely well thought out and features a magnetised opening bottom, allowing access to both the battery slot and SD door. Quite ingenious, but how will it perform in practice. And is it worth the substantial price tag?

Open access – the way it should be done

That’s what I am to find out. I’ll be writing a full review and will cover every aspect of the design.

In the meantime, if you are desperate to lay hands on your own Q2 case, visit the Arte di Mano web site here. In my experience, you can order from Sejun Kim and his Seoul-based team of craftsmen with confidence.


  1. I have a half case for my M9 Monochrom and it’s terrific with one exception. After using the case regularly since 2016 the case still fits so tightly that I practically need to pry it off the camera. Of course the fit is amazing and quality is second to none, but to remove it to get to the memory card is remarkably difficult. To remove, the camera must be held by the lens and then pry the case off millimeter by millimeter while alternating sides. The case would be impossible to remove without a lens attached. Something to consider…

    • Ken, I’ve experienced this quite often with even new cases. I can’t recollect the problem with an Arte do Mano case, however, because the fit always seems uncannily accurate. But that’s why the opening doors for access are so important. Without them I would prefer to use the camera naked.

  2. Hi Mike,
    I have never had a problem with an Arte de Mano case. It fits perfectly on any camera I have put one on. I had one on my M240 for 3 years and the case looked better than new with a bit of aging. I sent my M240 into Leica for adjustment of rangefinder so I could sell it with assurance. They did not charge me for adjusting rangefinder and gave me a receipt say it was in pristine condition. With the case and increase in prices I sold it for what I paid! I have one of these cases on my Q-P and on my Hasselblad X1D. The X1D grip can get hot with a lot of shooting but with case on who cares! These cases are gorgeous and brilliant on providing access to things like battery and SD cards without having to be removed.


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