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Red Dot Cameras’ Australian bushfire appeal


Over the past few months, readers of Macfilos throughout the world have looked on with horror as coverage unfolds of the rapid advance of the devastating bushfires in Australia.

We’ve been kept up to date by our contributor John Shingleton who, although safe in his home in Terrigal on the coast of New South Wales, has sometimes been as near as 30km from the fires. Along with neighbours on the coast, has suffered from the smoke and the general fallout from the conflagration.

London Leica dealer Red Dot Cameras has decided to do its bit to support fire-fighting and rebuilding costs by launching a draw for a Leica D-Lux 7 camera. All you have to is go to the website and donate £10 to the appeal. I’ve already made my contribution, although I’m told that I’m not eligible for the D-Lux draw because I’m an associated party.

Still, and all, this doesn’t apply to you. If you fancy helping to support this good cause (and incidentally putting a smile on the face of John Shingleton and our other Ozzie contributors), get out your credit cards now.

All donations will be transferred in full to the Australian Red Cross Relief and Recovery Fund. And you might end up as the proud owner of a new Leica D-Lux 7.

Note that international readers outside the UK have experienced some difficulty paying by credit card. If this has happened to you, call the shop on ‭+44 20 7490 8444‬ and they will be happy to take card details and process the payment. Also, you can make as many individual payments in your own name as you wish. They will all be entered in the draw as individual tickets.

The scheme will continue until the end of March with the draw taking place in early April.

Here is the link to the donation/entry page


  1. Can we enter more than once? I sort of like Australians. Seriously we all need to donate now as they are experiencing hell there and anything helps and would encourage them.

    • I paid using a MasterCard but I also saw Visa options. Unfortunately you have to go through the rigmarole of logging in all y[our details and creating an account. But at least it’s all done in case you see something interesting in the future and want to press the buy button.

        • Other option is to send two emails to separate out your credit info for better security. I am doing this as my international rate for cell phone will result in a very significant donation to the phone company. One couple do internet based call but I am not currently doing that.


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