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US prices for Panasonic Lumix S5 leaked


According to yet another leak covered in Photorumors, which includes the draft press release, the Panasonic Lumix S5 will cost $1,998 in the United States. When supplied together with the lens (which we assume to be the 20-60mm Lumix S), the kit will be just $300 more.

From the press release we learn that the S5 is aimed at both still and video photographers, but emphasis is placed on its vlogging abilities.

There’s no mention of prices in other markets, but the above figures would equate to British pre-tax values of £1,520 for the body only, £1,745 for the kit. Add 20 per cent VAT and round up the result, we get £1,900 body, £2,200 for the kit. To me, this sounds about right, despite the S1 currently selling for less.

Last week, we wrote:

As for price, the S1 has a recommended tag of £2,099 (including tax) in the UK, although the street price is currently around £1,800. The S5 will be cheaper, of course, and I am thinking in the range of £1,599-£1,799 body only and between £1,999 and £2,299 for the kit, including the 20-60mm

It’s interesting that the 20-60 Lumix S if it is indeed the selected kit lens (and I don’t see much else that could fit the bill), the additional cost of the kit, around £300, makes the lens an absolute bargain.

Currently, the street price in the UK for the 20-60 is £619 so, if you’ve recently handed over your credit card you will be wondering why you hadn’t waited for the S5 kit and saved £300 on the deal.

Pansonic pulled a similar trick with the S1, where the excellent kit lens, the 24-105, which has a current street price of £1,290, can be had £1,000 less if you buy the S1 kit. Something wrong here, but let’s not argue.

Via Photorumors


  1. It’s good that the camera will be released with a kit lens. In contrast to the Olympus Em5iii , which was released several months before the (presumably designed with the 5iii in mind) 12-45 Pro lens. I bought body-only, but if I’d waited a few more months I’d have had the 12-45 for very little money!

    I’m hoping the S5 ends up cheaper than $2400 Australian on launch. I think it will need too, as it probably faces the new Nikon Z5 as the main rival, rather than the substantially more expensive Canon R6. It’s not yet clear what Canon intend for the older Eos RP but it’s not been a great success since launch.

    • And vis-a-vis all of this, one of Australia’s biggest camera chains have just announced a clearance sale. The S1 is down to AU$2600. Quite a few lenses with big discounts as well. You could currently buy the S1 and 45/2.8 at below the S1 launch price.The Nikon Z5 is not on sale, but it’s listed at $2449 from the same shop. The S5 is about to launch into an increasingly crowded marketplace. Pricing will be very interesting.

    • Did I not see rumours of a new smaller Canon? And also there’s a new smaller Sony on the way. It seems that FF bodies are shrinking to meet APS-C, if not MFT! But the lenses aren’t following suit – yet.

  2. If Leica produce an equivalent, it will need to gain some marketing advantage over the competition.

    Perhaps if they produced a camera that was pretty close to the M-D versions, with an L mount, but geared to taking “M” lenses too, it would sell like hot cakes.

    Complex menu’s do not make for practical usability, the furthest a company needs to go, is about as far as other “M” digitals and Sigma are apt to venture.

    Simple tools are what sell cameras, as Apple (too) can attest.

    Personally, I really liked the CL, but I just could not get used to the wandering focus patch and the two unmarked knob things, I never managed to use that camera in anything more than auto mode, due mainly to the issue of middle aged eyes that don’t allow for quick switching from long to short sight focus.


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