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Shooting marine landscape with Leica M9 and M-Monochrom


Despite the current restrictions, why not take a twenty-minute virtual trip to Brighton’s cosmopolitan seafront and join Leica photographer Kris Pawlowski on YouTube?

In his latest video posting, Kris is in conversation with documentary and marine landscape photographer John Brockliss.

In the discussion, John outlines his formative years as a student photographer, his creative influences, his distinctive personal approach to marine landscape photography, using Leica-M9 and Leica Monochrom 246 rangefinder cameras, and his printing technique.


Join Kris as he gives us a filmed overview of John’s current exhibition, ‘Shoreline’, which features over thirty original marine landscape photographs.

The Shoreline Exhibition at The West Pier Centre, Brighton, is currently closed because of COVID restrictions. However, watch this space as Macfilos will post updates for you as and when restrictions are relaxed.

Until then, take a virtual visit to Shoreline in this video:

Read more on John Brockliss here


  1. Most interesting John Brockliss interview. Noted that John does not manipulate his digital images i.e no layers or erasing elements … and he uses just one type of paper when printing. I’ll access John’s website to see more. In addition to Leica, John is also a Morgan car enthusiast. The M9 is certainly an under-rated camera; not only film-like images but also film-like usable ISO range. Very impressed by John’s printing especially the skies.

  2. Great another source that I get to check out his books.thank you Mike and Mr. Brockliss, Ienvy you Kevin being that close to great photo environment.

  3. John sent me this video a few weeks ago. He is a person that all young and aspiring photographers should listen to. He is totally on top of his craft and uses minimal equipment to get what he wants. Every word he says is worth listening to, particularly about how he has mastered composition and how he started off with a Box Brownie when his fellow students had more advanced models. I also liked his choice of photographers, particularly the first two that he mentioned. We were involved in an exhibition at the National Museum of Ireland in 2019 where we had photos by HCB and Dorothea Lange side by side and the thing that struck me was how their different approaches to composition looked side by side. They were two different ways of conveying the same messages. John’s approach to land and seascapes, particularly as regards composition, is different to what you normally see and he is a master of capturing clouds. Note that little yellow filter which he uses.

    He is lucky that he is able to have that gallery open this month. Our gallery here in Dublin is closed again, for about the third time during the pandemic, but we have a full online programme going. John and Kris are to be congratulated for keeping great photography available to the public, both actually and virtually, during the pandemic.


  4. I love John’s work and am disappointed that Covid and domestic restraints prevent me from visiting his Shoreline exhibition but am gratedul to Mike for this video.


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