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Leica M11 firmware update tackles the freeze problem and the occasional underexposure

The latest update tackles some annoying bugs in the Leica M11


The freezing problem, reported by many users, has been corrected in the latest Leica M11 firmware update, which is now available for download. The new firmware also addresses the sporadic occurrence of overexposure and provides additional bug fixes and performance improvements.

Image: Leica Camera AG

As usual, the Leica M11 firmware may be installed directly via the Leica FOTOS app or in the traditional way by downloading the update file and using the camera menu. As always, it is important not to interrupt the firmware update process to avoid irreparable damage to the camera. To ensure this, it is important during the process to leave the camera switched on, the memory card and battery in place and the lens attached. A warning message will appear if the battery charge is insufficient, but it is always recommended to fully charge the battery before starting the process.

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  1. Looking forward to it. I have not had any freezing but I have had exposure experiences that puzzled me.

  2. I’m looking forward to it too. I’ve not had any exposure issues, but I’ve definitely had the odd annoying freeze up requiring battery removal.

    Another issue I regularly get is when I use the electronic shutter and reach or exceed 1/10,000th of a second, the shutter speed displayed in the image preview is 1s. Anyone else had that? Thankfully, the EXIF data is correct in the images despite this.

    Leica are very slow to fix some issues, the latter has been around since launch for me.

    Definitely had a few niggles with this camera including a trip back to Wetzlar to fix an electronic hardware fault which took 4 months but overall it’s a good camera.

    I’m actually grateful that FW upgrades don’t include a new set of emoji or alternative voices for vocal feedback. Luckily it’s still a camera for taking photographs instead of something I need to have a relationship with.

    I’m still waiting for the FW update for my M-A 🙂


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