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Leica Firmware 2.0.1: Updates for M11, M11-P, M11-M

Following last week's announcement of the Leica M11-P, the new firmware update covers all three models in the range, including the M11 and M11 Monochrom...


Leica Firmware 2.0.1 brings improvements for all three cameras in the M11 family. These are the M11 and M11 Monochrom, and the latest M11-P with its image security features.

Leica firmware updates relevant to all models are:

The Self Timer function is now a standalone menu item. Users can therefore combine it with the single and exposure bracketing modes.

A new menu item, Tethering, in USB mode allows tethered shooting via USB cable in combination with the Capture One Pro and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom applications.

The M11-P only

Frames can now be signed with content copyright verification under the new Leica Content Credentials facility.

The M11 and M11-P

Addition of an extended dynamic range function for the optimisation of darker image areas.


Leica has introduced by the ability to edit the first three characters of the filename. Previously, users could only use one character. The change allows more specific identification of image files—for instance, M11 or MON. In addition, the Touch Mode menu now contains an “Off (LV mode)” function.

Other improvements include the closure of the camera shutter during a lens change, faster connection to Leica FOTOS and significant improvement in the speed of the remote control function for the camera via FOTOS. As usual, Leica has fixed various errors in the firmware.

Leica added some important information in connection with memory card use. The company says that, in rare cases, the use of UHS-1 SD cards may result in some technical difficulties. An optimisation for these SD cards in planned for a later firmware update. Leica recommends using UHS-II cards to avoid these potential issues and to guarantee the best-possible camera performance.

Downloading the latest Leica firmware updates

You can download the software using this link, or update via Leica FOTOS.

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