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Barry Sheene Festival of Speed

Bathurst duo with their old outfit, no carbon-fibre nonsense for them, but they did come second in their first race

Barry Sheene is one of the all-time greats of the world motorcycle racing — alongside Geoff Duke, Mike Hailwood, Kenny Roberts, Valentino Rossi, Giacomo Agostini, Jim Redman and Wayne Gardner, plus pre-war aces including the great Jimmy Simpson, Jimmie Guthrie and Stanley Woods.

Sony RX100 VI: AP compact camera of the year


When it comes to ultra-compact, high-performance zoom cameras, Sony seems to have the market sewn up. I was impressed with the RX100 Mk VI, with its 24-200mm range, when I took it to Hong Kong for a couple of weeks last year autumn. And it’s not just my view.

Six ways to spot a fake watch. Cameras too?

A genuine fake Vacherin Constantin Tourbillon is too good to be true. But can you be sure (Image Quill and Pad)

Over at Quill and Pad, my favourite watch magazine, they’ve been looking at ways to spot a fake watch. Six good ways, in fact.

Panasonic Lumix S1 at the Photography Show


The Panasonic L-Mount cameras, the S1 and S1R is now available in UK dealers and I was able to get my hands on both models yesterday at the Photography Show in Birmingham. The S1 models were writ large on the Panasonic stand, with a dedicated booth where visitors could try out both cameras and the initial crop of lenses.

Myanmar III: From Inle to Bagan


From Inle to Bagan is a long way. Not in terms of distance (some 190 miles), but in time. It took us over eleven hours to reach our destination but the snail pace of the trip, the pleasure of the massage due to the numerous potholes was really worthwhile and led us to unexpected encounters.

Going Down Jordan


In the words of the old gospel song. we “went down” Jordan in 2007 with the Qatar Natural History Group. We were living in Qatar at that time as I was engaged in the task of liberalising the Qatar telecoms market. The Natural History Group consisted mainly of expats working in Qatar and they organised visits to interesting natural and historical areas both inside and outside Qatar.

Leica Q2 order lists grow


Dealers report that demand for the new Leica Q2 is running high and order lists are lengthening. So far supplies have trickled through in three and fours and one dealer told me that it is likely to be some time before Leica is able to meet demand, as was the case with the Q in 2015/6.

Ricoh GR and the Leica X1/2

At the Black Country Museum, UK, Ricoh GR

Jean Perenet’s excellent Ricoh photographs in his Myanmar articles proves yet again what a useful no-compromise pocket camera the GR can be. It may look like a £10 cardboard throwaway, but the capabilities of its f/2.8 28mm lens and the APS-C sensor belie its appearance. But the Leica X1 also makes a great pocketable travel camera and I’m hard pressed to choose which is the one to go for.

Hasselblad Christmas: HD night-time images

Hasselblad XCD 30mm/3.5, 0.7 sec, f/11, ISO 1600

This article is about the joy of photography using the Hasselblad X1D and capturing challenging high-dynamic-range night images. Yes, Christmas has gone by, but I feel the challenging scenery shows the strength of the Hasselblad in delivering low-noise, natural colour images in difficult circumstances and pictures are timeless for me. You can turn on some Christmas music if it helps!

Sigma’s L-mount Foveon delay to 2020

Sigma's Quattro HD APS-H mirrorless camera gives a hint of what we can expect from the new full-frame L-Mount camera. Exciting times ahead for L fans

Sigma is fully committed to the new L-Mount Alliance and next year will launch a full-frame mirrorless system camera based on the company’s Foveon technology. It will feature a new 60.9MP sensor and will be capable of mounting Leica, Panasonic and Sigma lenses now being introduced under the auspices of the alliance.