Examples of Chinese M-Mount lenses: different manufacturers

M Files (24): M-Mount lenses from China, an overview

TTArtisan, 7Artisans, Laowa, Thypoch , Light Lens Lab, Polar, Mr. Ding, Funleader are some of the many new M-Mount lens manufacturers from China. Part 24 of our series, the M Files, gives a unique overview of the market.

Leica SL2, IBIS and High Pixel Count: Putting a new telephoto in your bag

The large sensor of the Leica SL2, coupled with its in-body-image-stabilization capability, allows photographers to extend the range of their telephoto lenses through digital cropping, effectively placing an additional telephoto lens in their camera bag.

Digital Photography: Where the focus is on the fingers

A new twist on digital photography: taking pictures of fingers. Not just any old fingers, though; these belong to musicians, who are using them to play their musical instruments.
Product image shows Zeiss Ikon SW camera

The M Files (21): Zeiss Ikon SW, a very unusual camera for Leica M-Mount

Our series about non-Leica M-Mount cameras, lenses and accessories continues with an unusual camera. In Part 21, Jörg-Peter takes on the Zeiss Ikon SW. Its striking feature is… the absence of a viewfinder.
Product image shows new Leica M-Mount lenses: Super-APO-Summicron-SL 1:2/21 ASPH and Super-Vario-Elmarit-SL 1:2.8/14-24 ASPH

New Leica L-Mount lenses launched: APO-Summicron 21 and a 14-24 zoom are available starting...

New Leica L-Mount lenses in October 2023: A 21mm prime that is supposed to be world class, and a 14-24 that might remind users of a very similar lens from another manufacturer.

Rangefinder Photography: A beginner dives deeper with a two-lens kit

It can be hard to resist adding additional lenses to your collection. But do they all spark joy? Isn't a two-lens kit all you really need?

APS-C cameras: The world keeps on turning after the death of the Leica CL

Leica has left the APS-C camera market with the discontinuation of the CL. But the assumption that a sensor size between Micro Four Thirds and full-frame has not future proved wrong.

The Nikon F4: An affectionate appraisal of a milestone in camera technology

The Nikon F4 was a landmark camera when first launched, featuring a host of technological capabilities in a single body for the first time. Today it seems like an excessively heavyweight beast, but it still has some enthusiastic fans.
Product image shows the Olympus 35 RC analogue rangefinder camera

Olympus 35 RC: A tiny but true rangefinder camera for beginners and experts

The Olympus RC 35 is a rangefinder camera from 1970. This review with many sample images shows where this timeless classic delivers and where not. And what prospective buyers should know.

The Leica Q2 Goes to Brunch: in search of the ultimate Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict is a popular item on brunch menus. But, why stick with the traditional version when there are so many interesting, delicious and photogenic versions to explore? Let's indulge in some tasty food photography.
Historic camera collections: Image shows exhibit inside Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin

Historical camera collections: Three important venues to visit in Germany

Historical camera collections help us to understand how photography became such an important medium. Three museums in Germany are especially worth a visit, Deutsches Museum München, Leica Welt Wetzlar, Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin

Leica Q3: The quintessential fixed-lens full-frame camera defined

The new Leica Q3 takes the iconic fixed-lens full-frame camera to a new level of technology. With its triple-resolution sensor, hybrid autofocus, L2 technology and new tilting screen, the Q3 is a must-have update for Leica fans...

The M Files (18): Everything but Leica M – here is our Navigator for...

The M Files develops into the biggest knowledge base on M-mount lenses and cameras beyond Leica. This article gives a full overview of all featured cameras and lenses by Konica, Minolta, Rollei, Voigtländer, Zeiss and others. Access ≈10 camera plus 30+ lens reviews and more to come in this article which will be regularly expended.

Sigma 100-400mm Telephoto Lens: A year’s experience with a Leica alternative

The L-Mount Alliance goes from strength to strength. In particular, new introductions from both Sigma and Leica have significantly expanded L-mount telephoto zoom options....
Product image shows the Pixii rangefinder camera with a Leica 28mm lens attached

The Pixii rangefinder camera is here — what do you want to know about...

The new Pixii rangefinder camera from France scored high on DXO. In fact, it might make some Leica users' wishes come true. A review is under way - you can leave your questions and hints for the reviewer here...