Thursday, September 29, 2022

Leica D-Lux 7 Bathing Ape X Stash Limited Edition

Leica's latest special edition comes with the imprimatur of a street clothing company and a graffiti artist. It also has the longest name in the history of Leica cameras, Danish Royal Wedding included...
APS-C L-Mount lenses

Leica has abandoned APS-C – three ways to go for lens owners

Leica has abandoned their APS-C system with L-Mount. Many lenses are still around, also from Sigma. This review discusses if the Leica SL2, the Panasonic S1R or the Sigma fpL are useful cameras for the owners of APS-C L-Mount lenses.

Now the CL is pensioned off, where to go for a lighter alternative to...

Since the first indications of the end for the Leica CL, Macfilos columns have been full of lament. How could Leica simply abandon APS-C...

Architecture Meets Sculpture in Black and White: the interplay of light and form

Keith continues his journey into black-and-white photography and the relationships between architecture, sculpture and the interplay of light form...

What comes next for Leica and Panasonic?

What can we expect from the new level of cooperation between Leica and Panasonic? Does it mean more cross-branded cameras and lenses or is to likely to concentrate on background technology?

Leica and Panasonic announce new strategic collaboration

Panasonic and Leica are to work closely in future on developing the two company’s L-mount product range under the banner of L2 Technology…

Motor Cars on Main Street: How the Coronado vintage car rally adapted to the...

Car rallies and vintage events were incidental casualties of the pandemic. But this Californian event found a novel way of keeping things moving...

Leica firmware updates for SL System

Leica has introduced a major firmware update for the SL system, with improvements for both videographers and photographers. The new focus point toggle is probably a minor feature but will be welcomed by many stills photographers...

Leica-Lumix L-mount Lowdown: Perspectives and Permutations

WARNING! LEICA GEAR-NERD CONTENT The following article contains material that may be harmful, traumatising, or infuriating to Sony, Canon, Fuji or Nikon users  READER DISCRETION ADVISED I began...

Back in Black: In silhouette at the beach

Shadows are the gift that keeps on giving for aficionados of modern art and abstract photography. They enrich the complexity of architectural features and colours through imposition of diagonals and curves in deeper shades, adding subtle Euclidean geometrical shapes that please the eye.