Product image shows Leica M6 cameras from 1994 and 2023.

The Ten Most-Read Articles of the Quarter: Gear news gets the views

Jason takes us on a quick tour through the most viewed Macfilos articles over the last three months. Gear reviews continue to be tremendously popular with the growing Macfilos readership.

Pixii Plus with improved rangefinder to aid focus with fast lenses

The latest Pixii rangefiner incorpates a redesigned rangefinder to assist with focusing ultra-fast lenses, and a range of upates that demonstrate the company's commitment to development.
Product image showing photographic gear which is reviewed in the M Files, a series on Macfilos

The M Files Jubilee: Creating the largest knowledge base for M-Mount photographic gear

The M Files jubilee marks 20 episodes of a unique Macfilos series. It covers third-party lenses, cameras and accessories with Leica M-Mount. Read here why these articles could be useful for you
Product image shows Pixii rangefinder camera model A2572 with Leica CL digital

The Ten Most-Read Articles of the Quarter: Macfilos goes viral

The top ten most-read Macfilos articles of the last quarter cover all aspects of photography, with an emphasis on all things Leica. The topics covered include gear reviews, vintage cameras, travel photography, and the fun of learning to use a rangefinder.
Product image shows Pixii rangefinder camera model A2572

New kid on the block: The Pixii rangefinder camera review gives you the full...

The Pixxi rangefinder camera (new 2023 model, A2572) comes with a top rated 26 MP APS-C sensor, minimalist design and interesting new functions. But how is it in practical use? Read here the full review.
Product image of Pixii rangefinder camera

Pixii Rangefinder Camera: Review progress and a meeting with the boss

After four weeks and more than 600 images, Macfilos author Jörg-Peter will tell the readers (almost) all about the Pixii rangefinder camera. So stay tuned for his review.