Sony A7 II: Could this be the perfect mount for Leica glass?

Just a year ago I was salivating at the prospect of trying the Sony A7r with its full-frame sensor in a tiny...

Sony RX100 VII brings Alpha 9 speed

Sony's new RX100 Mark VII takes a big step up in speed, with AF said to be the fastest ever seen on a one-inch sensor camera.

What are the prospects for a lighter L-Mount full-frame camera?

Panasonic is still working on a "more affordable" L-Mount full-frame camera. If "affordable" means lighter and smaller, we're already signed up.

Firmware Updates: How Fuji’s simple system trounces Sony’s cumbersome and slow procedure


Today was the first time I have had to do a Sony firmware update, to bring the a7 Mark II up to version 1.20. But what a palaver in comparison with Fuji’s updates with which I am far more familiar. With Fuji, it’s a simple matter of downloading the update file and transferring it to a formatted SD card. Then just insert the card and start the camera while pressing the Disp/Back button. Firmware updates (which are relatively frequent) and lens updates then complete within seconds.

A hard break-up: Life without Leica

Is there life after Leica? Erwin Hartenberg rationalises his move from Leica back to Nikon and wonder whether, at some point, he will move back to the Leicasphere...

Techart autofocus Leica-M adapter for Sony a7III


Mike had a positive impression of the Techart Sony-Leica M autofocus adapter when he tried it for a couple of weeks. However, it was an older model, lacking the firmware necessary for full compatibility with the Sony a7III. He looks forward to trying the latest version…

Slim Rock n Roll linked strap now available for smaller cameras, including the Leica...

The leather-link Rock n Roll strap is a great companion for any camera. It is springy and comfortable to wear around the neck or over the shoulder. Now comes a narrower, less bulky version which is ideal for the Leica M and other compact cameras.

Losing your phojo: Is it a terminal condition?

Lost your phojo? Wonder if you'll ever pick up a camera again. Mike says not to worry. Keep calm and carry on. It will return.

APS-C cameras: The world keeps on turning after the death of the Leica CL

Leica has left the APS-C camera market with the discontinuation of the CL. But the assumption that a sensor size between Micro Four Thirds and full-frame has not future proved wrong.

Sony A7R DxO Mark matches Nikon D800E

As more details of the Sony A7s emerge I am becoming more and more impressed. Today the DxO Mark results were published. The 36MP...

Tunes War: Sony to pull out of iTunes? (rumour)


Hot on the heels of news that Apple has rejected Sony's ereader application comes a rumour that Sony are planning to pull out of iTunes. Could this be war? Who will be the loser? See this interesting item from tomorrow morning's Sydney Morning Herald.