Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Jonathan Slack at Red Dot Cameras open day

Jono Slack is at Red Dot Cameras in London on Saturday to tell you all about his experiences as a camera and lens tester. See you there!

Stardust in Boston: A visit to the International Leica Society’s annual meet

The annual meeting of the International Leica Society is a great opportunity to meet the great and the good of the Leica world. William paid a visit to Boston for this year's event and met a plethory of interesting characters.

Bushfires: Putting things into perspective

The odd diversion, the odd delay. But John found this route required a nine-hour diversion.

Busy times at Macfilos: News, features. product testing

The pace is hotting up at Macfilos: Events to cover, travel articles to prepare, Leicas and lenses to test. November has been the businest-ever month in the ten-year history of the blog.

Veteran Cars: Where there’s brass there’s even more brass

Fancy sitting on (rather than in) a motorcar made before 1905 on a miserable November morning for a 50-mile trip from London to Brighton You need to be pretty hardy and also nifty with a spanner. Mike visited to prequel of the run in London's Regent Street last Saturday.

Leica Society at Leica in London

More photograph's from the Leica Society visit to Leica's flagship store and gallery in Duke Street, London.

Lost Bugatti meets the 24-litre Napier-Railton at Brooklands

Last weekend I was fortunate to see the massive "Lost Bugatti" on display for a short time at Brooklands Museum alongside the equally impressive 24-litre Napier-Railton — a permanent exhibit at the famous race track and museum.

David Suchet: Behind the Lens, My Life

Last evening in the Leica Gallery, Duke Street, actor David Suchet launched his new autobiography, Behind the Lens: My Life, to a...

A visit to the National Capital Trolley Museum

Trolleys, trams, street cars, they're all the same to the died-in-the-wool enthusiast. Ralf pays a visit to the under-visited National Capital Trolley Museum in Washington, DC.

Jony Ive at the National Portrait Gallery

A visit to the National Portrait Gallery in London to see Gursky's portrait of Jonathan Ive at the new Apple Park in Cupertino