Charlie Gray exhibition at the Leica Store Mayfair in London

Twelve of Charlie Gray's epic portraits will be featured in an exhibition at the Leica Gallery in London from 14 September to 29 October. Find out more...
Image shows scene from the exhibition of Petra Gerwers at Leica Galerie Konstanz in the summer 2023.

Time Travelers: The remarkable exhibition of Petra Gerwers at Leica Galerie Konstanz

Leica Galerie Konstanz is showing an exhibition with photos by German Artist Petra Gerwers until 7 October 2023. Why it is worth a visit and why you will have to read a lot.

Steampunk: The genre where posers are posers and photographers are loved

Shy of asking if you can take pictures of interesting characters? If so, try visiting a Steampunk event where everyone is just waiting to meet your lens...

200 Pink Ladies and their tractors take to the roads of Suffolk

Fundraising on the grand scale: Two hundred Pink Ladies of Suffolk trundle their tractors around the country lanes. But it's all in a good cause...

Leica, Linda, Mary, and Paul: spot the common denominator

The McCartney family might be best known for their music, but they are also talented photographers. A new exhibition at the National Portrait gallery, by Paul McCartney, provides a unique, insider view of the early days of the Beatles.

Beer Can Racing: community, camaraderie and a splash of competition

Beer Can Races are a midweek tradition for sailing clubs across the United States. They are short, casual races where the emphasis is just as much on having fun as on competing. They represent a great opportunity for novice sailors to learn and for amateur photographers to capture the action.

Bryan Adams: Classics at the Leica Gallery London

In collaboration with CROSSOVER Hamburg, from 22 June to 31 August 2023, Leica Gallery London will present photographs by Bryan Adams in partnership with...

Motor Cars on Mainstreet: American motoring through a Leica lens

Few local events attract as many visitors as Coronado’s annual car show: Motor Cars on Mainstreet. It’s a perfect opportunity to admire pristine examples...

L-mount Lumix S5 meets highfalutin Leica Vario-Elmarit-SL 24-90mm f/2.8-4.0 ASPH

The L Mount Alliance has spawned an amazing catalogue of cameras and lenses from a variety of manufacturers. It provides for some interesting mixing and matching. Mike paired one of the cheapest full-frame S cameras from Panasonic with one of Leica's more expensive offerings, the £4,250 24-90 Vario-Elmarit...

Steve McCurry: World-famous photographer and photojournalist

Steve McCurry, an award-winning photojournalist who brought the war in Afghanistan to the cover of National Geographic, was born on 23 April 1950. Yesterday...

From iPhone to Westminster Abbey: Sir Jony Ive designs Charles III coronation emblem

From a flowery emblem designed by Jony Ive to a set of minimalist postage stamps, it's all change as Britain looks forward to the Coronation on May 6...

Andy Summers and Harmonics of the Night at the Leica Gallery London

A selection of Andy Summers' photographs will be on display from March 26 to April 30 at the Leica Gallerie in London...

Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2023: The jury’s in

The jury for this year's Oskar Barnack Awards will meet in May to review contestants before the October prize announcement...

Leica D-Lux 7 007 edition kicks off James Bond exhibition at Leica Gallery in...

The month James Bond exhibition at the Leica Gallery London is commemorated by a special limited Leica D-Lux 7 007 edition costing £1,750...

Pancake Lenses: the perfect partner for Pancake Day photography

Are you rummaging around in the kitchen cupboards looking for last year’s powdered pancake mix? If you live in Britain, this might well be...