Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Grey Matter

Roderick field examines his relationship with black and white photography in these times of lockdown and isolation...

Walking the Greenway del Lago di Como with my RX100

The title is a mixture of American English and Italian, so I will give it some context.  Lake Como is the third largest of...

Retro Style: Rollei 35 RF with Sonnar 40/2.8

The M Files, Part 4: Jörg-Peter's journey into the past continues with the Rollei RF, another non-Leica camera which featured the Leica M Mount.

Golden Sundering: Valentine’s Day massacre for Britain’s ancient coinage

Fifty years ago today Britain threw away nearly two thousand years of history when the old duodecimal coinage gave way to the upstart new pee.

On the road to Kirtipur and Patan with my trusty Ricoh GR

Kirtipur, “the city of glory”, was one of the defensive outposts of the Mella capital city of Latipur, known today as Patan. The Mella and Shah dynasties ruled Nepal from 1200 to 1846...

Saracinesco: A picturesque and historic village in the Appennini mountains

A chance encounter led to the discovery of the unique history of a Saracen pirate settlement in the hills near Rome. Andrea Bellelli goes exploring...

Kolkata: City of Joy in pictures

Dennis takes a retrospecive view of his visits to Kolkata, India's fourth-largest city on the Hooghly River...

Cash or card: The cashless society is almost a reality

Mike has embraced the cashless society. He hasn't handled a coin or a banknote in twelve months. His wallet is as thin as bumble bee's wing...

Crossing the Tibetan Plateau in 1933: The story of an enchanting journey back to...

In 1977, Chris was privileged to hear at first hand a story of the 1933 Everest expedition which came nine years after the ill-fated Mallory and Irvine attempt. Sir Hugh Bousted, the storyteller, was a remarkable man in so many different ways...

Modern features: Konica Hexar RF with Konica 50/2

Jörg-Peter Rau continues his exploration of film cameras with the M-mount that are not quite Leicas. The M Files turns to the remarkable Konica Hexar RF rangefinder...