Diane Arbus: the centenary of the artist’s birth

Diane Arbus was born on March 14th 1923. Next Tuesday, March 14th 2023, will mark the centenary of her birth. Diane (pronounced Dee-ann) Arbus was...

My Five Favourite Books on Writing: in celebration of National Grammar Day 2023

Taking nifty photos takes skill. Writing about taking nifty photos also takes skill, but of a different kind. If you aim to write about...
Image shows future Lotte-Eckener.Schule at Konstanz, Germany

Lotte Eckener: Late fame for an almost forgotten German photographer

Photographer Lotte Eckener (1906-1995) was almost forgotten. At Konstanz, Germany, where she lived for decades, a school well be named after her: Late and deserved fame.

One Fine Day: A journey into the unknown on the border with China

Almost five years later, in 2022, the four of us reunited for a repeat trip to Mechuka. Gudi confessed that even now she gets nightmares of this near-fatal indident in 2018. Baro and Piliya hadn’t spoken about it to anyone...

Mesmerised by the magic of music: a foray into photographing musicians

What better use for a camera is there than taking photographs of people? They are the ultimate, endlessly fascinating subject, are they not? Which...

Tony O’Shea and the ‘Me’ pictures: One of Ireland’s leading photographers and his quest...

The work of Tony O'Shea, one of Irelands leading photographers, depiction everyday life in Ireland over the past forty years. His work is now being preserved at the Photomuseum Ireland.

Something Between Us: The story behind Dan Bachmann’s 2023 London exhibition

The exhibition "Something Between Us" is a collection of images that explores the theme of connections and separations between people, cultures, and inanimate objects, and the emotions that arise from these experiences. The artist has had the concept for the exhibition for over a decade and it was inspired by personal experiences...

Leica Q2 Monochrom and the Big Mac Index — a tale of three cities

Economists use that oft-vilified American fast-food export, the Big Mac, to determine purchasing power parity (PPP) between countries. That’s all well and good, but...

Photography and brain health – ten ways to keep those neurons in tip-top shape

Ten ways in which photography can benefit brain health: Keith James navigates the neurons, camera in hand...

Leidolf Wetzlar: The forgotten brand from the home town of Leica

Everyone knows Leica Wetzlar. But what about Leidolf Wetzlar? Richard comes across a neglected Leidolf Lordomat at a camera fair and explores the history of this lesser name from the same home town as mighty Leica...