Tuesday, December 6, 2022

New Leica film camera to be announced in October

#filmisnotdead — Leica is using the popular hashtag in the run-up to the launch of a new film camera in October. It is said to be a remake of the popular M6 and could even be a limited editior of just 500 bodies...

Photographic archaeology on a rainy day

The heavens have opened over Sydney. Confined to barracks. So what better to do with the time that start an archaeological dig in the camera cupboard?

The curious case of the disposable Tri-X camera

A roll of pro Tri-X B&W film and a disposable plastic body to put it in. For under £20, it's probably worth a punt. Read the full review here...

Rene the dark horse and hi-res Wilson join the queue. But new Leica delights...

What's next for Leica: Codenames of two new models, rumours of an M camera with EVF and the revival of another vintage film camera...

Titan: Leica’s titanium M-A comes at a price to tame the gods

If you rush to the nearest Leica store you might just, just, be in time to hand over 18 grand for this special edition of the Leica M-A and 50 mm Summicron. Just 250 are being made for the world market and this will be one for the serious collectors...

Decent exposure, part 3: Light metering apps for your iPhone and the big overview

A good smartphone app will help you to get exposure right, especially when using a vintage camera. This review presents five different iOS apps - and reveals one surpisingly simple solution...

Decent Exposure Part 2: Hand-held light meters and what they are good for

The second part of our lightmeter review focuses on hand-held models, starting with the iconic Gossen Lunasix F and ending with Sekonic’s high-tech wonders…

Leica M4: The story of one of Leica’s most popular rangefinders


Mike was asked for help in connection with an article to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the Leica M4. He has put together a brief history of one of the world's favourite non-metered rangefinders.....

Smartphones: Is the writing on the wall for the good old camera?

Will all or almost all photos be taken with smartphones in the near future? Or will there always be proper cameras? This essay examines the different scenarios...

Gateways to Heaven or at least to a new (rangefinder) world

There are questions you would rather avoid. And there are those you are only too eager to answer. In connection with the M-Files, I was asked such a welcome question quite a few times: "Now the time has come, I also want to buy a Leica like this, which can take pictures like in the past. But what should I choose?" Here is my answer.