Friday, July 10, 2020

Film Processing: That will be £1,600 please

Who takes 164 rolls of film in to be processed at the same time? The answer is the irripessible Eric Kim, chief streettog...

Saturday Matinee: Trains, buses, excellent photography and a good but silent story


Last time I went to the cinema at 10 o'clock in the morning was with a bunch of my ten-year-old peers anxious to catch up on the perils of Flash Gordon and the evil Emperor Ming. So I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I was invited to a special screening of a 1928 silent film inside the impressive art deco vastness of the Odeon Leicester Square. We were no longer short-trousered hoodlums with chewed gum and catapults in our pockets. We had all aged gracefully (or otherwise) and there was a whiff of geekiness that didn't exist back in the days of Flash and Princess Aura. This was the film buff's equivalent of a steam train outing to Carlisle. Such things I find fascinating and I donned my very best anorak for the occasion.

In a Pickle: Developing a taste for photography in south London

Opposite the house where Charlie Chaplin once lived is the pickle factory where Chaplin Senior laboured to support his family. And that...

The Camera Club: London’s best-kept photographic secret

Tucked away in a quiet backstreet in Kennington, South London, is one of the wonders of the photographic world. Here, in a...