The Leica Q2 visits the Pacific Northwest: Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, the first stop on a tour of the Pacific Northwest, is a gleaming modern city, surrounded by areas of outstanding natural beauty. Regardless of genre, visiting photographers will find no shortage of spectacular sights to capture.

Colours of the American Southwest on film: Chapter three in lessons learned

Colours of the American South-West: Erwin takes us on the third leg of his journey with the Mamiya 6

Chicago: Season by season, a change in the weather

They say that Chicago has only two seasons, cold and hot. But Jon makes the most of all four, including the short Springs and Auumns...

A Photographic Road Trip Across the Western United States: Part one

The Western United States, including Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, is the perfect venue for a photographic road trip. Dirk and Claudia capture the grandeur of mountains, rivers, and spectacular rock formations, in glorious colour, and black and white.

Airport Security: When disaster strikes on the conveyor belt

What happens when your bag of valuable disappears on the conveyor belt at airport security? Mike panics gently as the worst happens...

Babsy’s Place: A record of a long-gone world

Babsy's Place: Then and now, with Farhiz Karanjawala in Bombay...

Street Photography with a Hasselblad: China in the 1980s and early 1990s

Although more usually associated with scenic and portrait photography, a Hasselblad set proved a very effective tool for capturing images of China in the 80s and 90s.

Photography in Illness: The therapeutic advantages of an absorbing project

Gerald Phillipson, faced with an unwelcome diagnosis, set out to ease the experience by means of his project, Photography in Illness...

Turning to Film: Getting to know the Mamiya 6 and my film preference

The Bronica has found a new owner and I moved on to the Mamiya 6. Everything related to film photography is new to me, I am happy to at least have the familiar experience of a rangefinder camera...

Contact Sheets: A feast to be absorbed, night after night

As contact sheets were typically kept from curious eyes, it only served to increase our fascination with them...

Newberry Springs, California: Sightseeing in a suburb slowly being swallowed by sand

Newberry Springs is a small town on the edge of California's Mojave Desert. It is known as the location where the English language German film, Bagdad Cafe, by Percy Adlon was shot. Its abandoned homes, buried under sand, illustrate the power of nature to reclaim its own territory.

Bombay Beach at the Salton Sea

California is home to some of the world’s most spectacular areas of natural beauty. Cruising the Pacific coastline, strolling through Redwood forests, or hiking...

My First Leica: The M6 records a lost China before the turn of the...

My first Leica: The M6 arrived in time to accompany me on many visits to record the changing face of China in the last years of the 20th century...

Infrared Photography: A beginner steps into a world where trees are white and all...

Who isn’t fascinated by pictures of white or yellow trees, blue skies and filigree clouds? Who has never heard of the "Wood effect“? And...

Surrey Hills: An area of outstanding natural beauty just a stone’s throw from Greater...

It's hard to imagine that one of Englands most compelling areas of outstanding natural beauty sits right on the doorsteps onf London's residents. Here Kevin takes a walk along the historic North Downs Way...