King John says slow, Dr Seuss says go

Visiting Runnymede and the Magna Carta? Why not take a little detour and discover the delights of sunny Egham in the county of Surrey?

Boating on the Bay: A slip in time ensures first cocktail

Securing a convenient and affordable mooring for one’s yacht could rightly be considered a ‘first-world’ problem of little concern to most of us. Certainly, conjuring up sympathy for an oligarch struggling to park his 80-foot super-yacht would be beyond me. But, a hard-working teacher with a life-long love of sailing, who has scraped and saved to buy their own 32-foot sailboat and generously hosts friends and family for sailing excursions - that’s another matter....

A Step Back in Time

I carefully strained my ears and wondered whether I was too late to witness a passing stage coach, plying between London, Bath and Bristol. Sadly I was too late. Probably 200 years too late...

Twelve pictures chronicle a year of misery and recovery

It was probably the worst year of John's life. But twelve photographs chronicle his progression through despair to renewed optimism and a zest for life...

The day a one-metre dragon came to my garden

Close encounters of a water-dragon type. Water-dragons aren't known for lazily posing for photographs, so you need to be quick on the hoof to capture a shot. John found this speciment in his garden.

On Parade: Behind the scenes at a California Independence Day celebration

This year, Keith goes behind the scenes with his Leica SL2 and 24-70 Vario-Elmarit-SL before the start of the Coronado July 4th parade...

A departure, an arrival

Purchased in the Year of the Devil, the little Ricoh GRIII sat neglected throughout the worst of the pandemic. Then came the unboxing...

Britain’s motor industry and the plug-in future: A visit to Gaydon

How practical is an electric car? I'm on a strong learning curve as I get to grips with the new Jaguar I-Pace. But its excellence is tarnished by the dreadful EV charging infrastructure in Britain. Only Tesla is doing it right. The rest, including Jaguar, are fast gurgling down the plughole. A new approach is needed if we are to meet the new 2035 targets.

The Road to Tawang: It is better to travel well than to arrive

Adventures on the road to Tawang: Farhiz explores the Battle of Nyukmadong and passes peacefully through the Se La

Bali, a land of temples, art, worship and rice

The Ricoh GR, a discreet little camera to capture the wonders of Bali...

Nepal: Scars from the 2015 earthquake.

Following the scars of the 2015 Nepal earthquake, Jean scrapes back to France just in time to avoid the COVID-19 border closures.

The Dungeness Portfolio — one man’s way out of lockdown

As Dave recovers slowly from a life-changing encounter with Covid-19, the coast of Kent at Dungeness provides a constant tonic, both for health and photography...

A Photographic Journey: My life in black and white

Black and white. I just love it.

Sifting the mullock heap for the odd gold nugget

Photographic libraries are often a dish best served cold. Go back over rejected shots after a few years and you could discover a few gold nuggets. This is what John did and it a paid dividend.