Fuji X20: Blast from the past takes on Kyoto in the rain


We arrived in historic heritage Kyoto in drizzling rain, and the weather stayed that way while we were there. So, what to do? The little backup Fuji X20 came to the rescue.....

Cormorants Reconsidered: Birds of ill omen get makeover


Cormorants have had a bad press. But David thinks all the ill-omen stuff is overdone. These birds are remarkable creatures he believes.....

Golden Hour: The joy of early rising


Early to bed, early to rise: Few of us have the discipline to jump out of bed at 5.30 every morning. But that's the time to catch the delights of the golden hour on your camera......

Bièvres: Europe’s largest open-air photo fair is a magnet for enthusiasts


Now in its 54th year, the massive Bièvres photo fair brings traders from all over Europe and visitors from around the world. If you are into old cameras, this is a weekend to savour.....

Laptop Ban: Packing for a future of more restrictions


Mike explores how banning laptop and cameras could cause travellers to consider what equipment to own, let alone what to travel with.... 

Berlin, Breitscheidplatz, December 19, 2016


In 1989 Mike was in the city to witness the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was a time of joy and hope. Last night he was in the city to witness another event, this time one born of hatred and perverted ideals. But the spirit of the Berlin people shines through....

Maison Bertaux: The best croissanterie in London


Next time you find yourself in London's Soho, do visit Maison Bertaux in Greek Street. Mike chomps on his croissant in anticipation.....

The Dennis Severs House: A unique museum in the heart of Spitalfields


Mike relives some memories when he visits the unique Denis Severs House museum at 18 Folgate Street in Spitalfields.

Syria: Damascus, Palmyra, Aleppo, Ma’loula and more


Seven years ago William visited Syria and came back with a portfolio of pictures epitomising the country in its heyday, before the start of the current war which has brought so much destruction to many of the locations recorded in this article. 

A Tale of Two Horse Shows: From Dublin to Doha and back


William visits two horse shows, 5,000km apart, and takes the odd photograph...

Biévres Photo Fair: Raring to go but will I get there?


Mike is about to step into the unknown: Strikes, floods and mayhem loom as he sets off for the Biévres Photo Fair. Will the pompiers be able to serve him a hot dog?

China past and present in stunning photographic recreations


Writing in PetaPixel, 31-year-old Dheera Venkatraman explains how he shot some stunning comparisons between modern China, with its massive development and the China of earlier in the last century.

Ireland 2016 seen through the cameras of 1916

After the commemorations of the 1916 Easter Rising throughout Ireland last weekend, it is fascinating to see this project which involves shooting modern-day...

Return: After 11 years photographing Iraq and Afghanistan, Tom comes home


I've never met Tom Stanworth, although we have exchanged the odd email over the years. Tom is a remarkable man, a photographer who has spent the past decade working in two of the world's most troubled countries and experienced the sort of drama that few of us can even imagine. He is now packing and will return to a less exciting life in the North West of England.

Kostas Balafas and his Greece: Seventy years of photography


Kostas Balafas has been a leading name in Greek and world photographic circles for over 70 years. His artistic work is universally admired and much has already been written on this subject. Yet it is also interesting to learn a little more about the man himself. By understanding something of his personal philosophy, as he lived, as he drew his own inspiration, we are better able to view his work with new insight and within the context of a tumultuous century in the history of the Greek nation.