Jason’s Newsround: Third-party lenses, a photographer’s best friends

If you own an interchangeable-lens camera, chances are you own a couple of third-party lenses, delivering high optical performance at low cost. This week, we have good news from the world of third-party lenses.

Jason’s Newsround: The trickle becomes a flood — it’s raining new M-lenses from China

We are enjoying a wave of new camera and lens options from two powerhouse manufacturing nations: Japan and China. From reimagined vintage lenses, to innovative camera bodies, it's a great time to be in the M- and L-Mount ecosystems.

Leica M9: Looking back to a turning point in camera history

…both for Leica, and for me personally. The first time I saw a picture of the Leica M9 (I think it was on Luminous Landscape)...

Leitz Photographica Auction: My top-ten favourites

Here are are my Top 10 favourites in the next Leitz Photographic Auction. I could have shown any number of black or olive-paint Leica M cameras, but these are always there, and they always sell well. I have tried to depict the many steps along the way for cameras and optics since the 1850s

Jason’s Newsround: Lies, damn lies, rumours, and statistics

Camera gear addicts love a good camera gear rumour, especially if it's about a long-awaited, highly-desirable piece of kit. This week, we've got a few to share.

Swiss Roll: There’s life in the old Kuchen yet

The intriguing story of the Swiss Roll, the long-lost Leica negatives brought back to life after 74 years, continues to mystify. Here is an update on an unsolved mystery...
Product image shows Epson R-D1 digital rangefinder camera

M Files (25): Epson R-D1 — the world’s first digital rangefinder camera

Subtititle: It was the world’s first rangefinder camera, two years ahead of the Leica M8. The Espon R-D1 celeberates its 20th birthday in 2024. Episode 25 of The M Files provides an appropriate tribute.

Street Photography: A seven-step plan for overcoming range anxiety

Keith shares his strategy for tackling an aversion to photographing complete strangers. It's a seven-step plan for overcoming street photography 'range anxiety'.

Photokina 1954: A legend is born

News review from Macfilos.com

Jeremy’s year shooting landscape with the Leica M11 rangefinder

Professional photographer Jeremy Walker has spent a year shooting landscapes with his latest Leica rangefinder. Here is his full review…

The Good Companion meets some chums from 1929, including a Leica I and a...

I have a new good companion which I met for the first time a month ago. It all started with the Klack keyboard noise...
photography & video show birmingham

Jason’s Newsround: Leica M reimagined, new show venues, Ricoh’s new GR III HDF cameras

In this week's news round, we look at the Leica M reimagined, a bold take on bringing the rangefinder up to date. There are new venues for two British photographic events, details of a toy camera that could make a fun present for any photographer, and a glimpse of a new collapsible 50mm f/2 lens for M-Mount. Plus, Fujifilm tells us that without the success of the X100, the company could have been in a difficult position. Finally, we look at all the wild rumours of a revolutionary Leica D-Lux 8. Sorry, but we don't think they are true.
Examples of Chinese M-Mount lenses: different manufacturers

M Files (24): M-Mount lenses from China, an overview

TTArtisan, 7Artisans, Laowa, Thypoch , Light Lens Lab, Polar, Mr. Ding, Funleader are some of the many new M-Mount lens manufacturers from China. Part 24 of our series, the M Files, gives a unique overview of the market.