Sunday, May 31, 2020

EISA Awards 2019: No Leica gongs but kudos for L-mount Alliance

Panasonic S1R is the best advanced full frame camera of 2019 and Sigma pulls off two major zoom lens accolades in EISA Awards

Leica C Review: Smallest compact with built-in viewfinder

For the past few months I have been toting the tiny Leica C as my go-anywhere companion. Previously I favoured the...

Grammarly: For the writers who think they don’t need it

Are you an immaculate writer, never putting a comma wrong? If so, perhaps you don't need Grammarly. But, for the rest of us, it has it's uses (sorry, its).

The Leica prototype that could fetch two million

Auction prices for early Leica cameras can sometimes astound. Will this rare O-Series prototype from 1921 sell for over €2m? Anything is possible, says William Fagan.

Is it worth upgrading to the Ricoh GR III?

The new Ricoh GR III is selling well, according to camera dealers we've spoken to. It brings a fresh approach while retaining the appearance and fearures that have made this discreet camera something of a cult among discerning photographers.

First Impressions: Leica Summarit f/2.4 lens range


When I heard on Tuesday that Leica had a new range of aspherical Summarit lenses I wasn't too enthused. Although I have heard good things about the old f/2.5 Summarits, I had fallen into the trap of sidelining them in favour of the seemingly more desirable (and more expensive) Summicron range. 

Firmware update for Leica M240

The latest firmware brings Leica's M240 range up to date. Be sure to update your camera as soon as possible.

Laurel and Hardy on location: Surprise


Spotting locations used on television or cinema is a pleasure. But sometimes you have to think hard. Do I know that place?

Review: Leica X Vario, a misunderstood gem

Leica's X Vario has been misunderstood. Overhyped and launched in a confusion of conflicting rumours, it got off to a rocky...

Winston Churchill: Funeral of a great man, fifty years on


I remember exactly where I was fifty years ago today. I was on Ludgate Hill, just below St. Paul's cathedral, watching the funeral cortege of a great man pass by. Even then, at such a young age, I realised I was witnessing history. I had similar feelings a quarter of a century later when I was present at another unforgettable event, the fall of the Berlin Wall.