Friday, March 5, 2021

Retina Screen: Seen in full glory at long last

I have had my MacBook Pro Retina for six months already. Sure, I loved the retina screen from the moment I unpacked the computer,...

Virgin broadband speeds do what’s on the tin

For many years I’ve stuck with Virgin for my cable broadband and have seen the offered download speeds increasing gradually over time from under...

How to hack your neighbour’s wifi

Bad news for everyone who lives next to a bus stop. Hackers can get into your system while standing in line for the No.9,...

David Smith on pushy push notifications

David Smith to app developers:Throwing up a modal blocker that prevents me from doing anything else (including closing your app) until...

Daily Postings: The trials of a web writer

I can fully sympathise with Don McAllister of The Mac Screencast Guy who has just written to admit that his has blog post was on October 24, 2011. I know the feeling. I’ve just taken a week off and I know how difficult it is to get back to regular writing.

Apple results and a possible Mountain Lion bonus

This evening we get the results of Apple’s third-quarter trading. As usual there have been conflicting views from analysts. Some are predicting lower-than-expected figures...

Scupper the MacBook thief with Dropbox and Hazel

Thanks to 40Tech for this educational review of getting your own back on the thief of your MacBook. Using a combination of Dropbox and Noodlesoft’s...

iPad Productivity: Michael Gartenberg on getting things done


Just catching up on my file of clippings from a hectic weekend and thought I'd share this great article by Michael Gartenberg of Entelligence on the iPad as a productivity tool. Productivity is always near to my heart and I am always seeking a better way complete a task. The full article is posted on Engadget (see link below)

"When Apple announced the iPad, Steve Jobs positioned it in the space directly between the laptop and phone. That greatly interests me because there are moments in my life where my phone is too small and my laptop too large. While the iPad clearly won't replace my phone anytime soon, my question is: Can it replace my laptop on occasion and serve as a content creation as well as content consumption tool?

A few weeks ago, I deliberately left my laptop at home for a week of heavy business travel. Instead, I relied mostly on three phones: an iPhone, a Pre and an HD2. And now I've been using a production iPad for the four activities that were difficult and uncomfortable on my phone. Here's what I learned."

Read the full article here

Apple Design: A history of innovation

On the day when design, in this case software design, is likely to be big news with the launch of the radically...

Ladurée: Apple’s upmarket coffee annexe in Covent Garden

I’ve always thought there is one thing missing from the typical Apple Store: a coffee shop. Bookshops have them and they’re a good place...