Microsoft Surface demolished by MG Siegler

If you are still hankering after one of those shiny Microsoft Surface tablets to replace your faithful old iPad, think again. MG Siegler of...

Macfilos Archives: My first iPhone, the shape of things to come


Ten years ago: My shiny new iPhone 3G arrives, maxed out with 16GB of storage. A revelation, and the first of many as it turned out.

MacBook: When software upgrades just don’t install


What to do when a piece of official Apple software just refuses to install on your MacBook. A clean sweep installation is the answer as Mike found out.

Apple Magic Keyboard: Adding a number-crunching device


Apple's Magic Keyboard has no number pad, unlike the wired keyboard. So a complementary keypad is likely to be popular. Mike has been testing the rechargeable Satechi slimline aluminium keypad.

Macfilos is twelve today: Five million words on photography and technology

Macfilos is twelve today: Over 5,000 articles and five million words.

Bargain Parrots: Cheap-as-chips bits from the Bay, for and against


My friend and fellow Australian blogger, John Shingleton, was obviously cut to the quick by Bill Palmer's condemnation of cheap third-party accessories bought from well-known auction sites. Bill's ire was raised by a faux teleconverter for the Fuji X100T. Conclusion: He would have been better to throw his £20 note into the fire. He also waxed eloquent against cheapo lens-mount adapters covered in swarf and rattling like a fleet of 1920s Ford Ts.

Monkey Glands Extend iPhone Use


After two weeks with my new iPhone 3G I agree with other commentators about the limited battery life. A day out and about and I'm down to the last 10% of power. In fairness to Apple, the iPhone is just so handy and useful that I am using it for far longer than any previous phone or PDA. It's a fully-fledged computer, not just a phone. And my old Treo 750 wasn't much better on battery life if I'm being honest.

I am currently testing an auxilliary battery which plugs into the iPhone and can give up to two full charges. The small and neat Power Monkey, which looks nothing like a monkey, is proving to be a valuable addition to my portable arsenal. There are a number of similar devices such as the 3GJuice and the Kensington but on paper the Power monkey has the highest power capacity. It is British designed and you can see details at PowerTraveller UK.

Although the monkey is expensive at £65 it does come with an array of connectors for many mobile devices and a quality carry case. A bonus is a solar-panel charger so, in theory, you can have power wherever you go. I won't hold my breath for solar charging performance in Britain, but I am looking forward to trying out the device when I get back to Athens in October.

Smaller Apple tablet would be iPad Air

Rumours about a smaller iPad are music to my ears. Ever since the launch of the original iPad and Steve Jobs' disparaging remarks about...

Apple Watch: Mr. Selfridge and the longest Apple Watch table in the world


First chance today to enter Selfridge's watch hall to view the impressive Apple display. The staff members were knowledgeable and abundant. The guy I chatted to had previously been an Apple blueshirt and certainly had the full lowdown on the Watch and all its iterations. I suspect a number of Apple employees have been seconded to these displays in prestige department stores around the world. 

$22bn Poorer: How third Apple founder sold out for $800

Interesting to read on Gizmodo today that Apple's third founding father (after Steve J and Steve Wozniak) decided to leave ten days after the company started and accepted $800 in payment for his 10 percent share. If he'd only held on he would now be 22 billion dollars to the good.  Ron Wayne, apparently, treats the whole business without bitterness. The most interesting aspect, though, is the colossal rise in the company's value in 34 years. Almost certainly cashing in his chips was a rational decision on his part in 1976, but I must say I would be feeling less than charitable were I in his shoes now. Poor guy.

iPhone 12 Max: A big smartphone with a state-of-the-art camera

This autumn has brought a bumper set of choices for Apple smartphone users. Should we go for the pocket marvel, the Mini, or max out on the tablet-sized iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Why Apple is investing in flash RAM technology

This article in AppleInsider outlines the background to Apple's expected purchase of RAM and chip designer, Anobit. Apple already uses Anobit components in iOS...

Fossilised iPads: Rapture weekend ends on a high note

I thought I’d leave it 24 hours to be on the safe side before concluding that most of us are still here. I don’t...

After the iPad mini comes the Kobo Mini

Not only tablets are shrinking. It's happening to ebook readers as well. Kobo has announced the Kobo Mini with a five-inch screen, just in...

Apple is world’s most valued brand at $153bn

Advertising giant WPP has declared Apple the world’s most valuable brand at $153 billion. It overtakes Google which has fallen two percent down £111.5...