Saturday, August 15, 2020

MacBook: New 12-in model is a bold step towards the future of mobile computing


My procrastination in choosing a new mobile computing device knows no bounds. The story so far: The new MacBook is a product to lust after, but is it capable of handling photo processing and other processor-intensive stuff? On the other hand, the 13in MacBook Pro is highly competent, laden with ports, fast but rather boring. It's the head's choice, while the MacBook is the heart's.  My decision, with heart and head in conflict, is to do nothing and soldier on with the old 11in MacBook Air. If in doubt, do nothing

Procrastinating all the way to the trash can

The Most Dangerous Typing app will eat your words if you don't keep typing. It's not the app for the avid procrastinator as Mike finds out....

USB-C Port Woes: Wobbling all the way to the Genius Bar

Does your cable wobble? All four USB-C ports on Mike's 2018 MacBook Pro wobble and lead to unstable data connections. Apple don't want to know, but a simple fix seems to be working.

Fossilised iPads: Rapture weekend ends on a high note

I thought I’d leave it 24 hours to be on the safe side before concluding that most of us are still here. I don’t...

Activity App: Changing walking distance from kilometers to miles


Changing from kilometers to miles on the Apple Watch is a major challenge. It isn't easy, but I've discovered how to do it.

Apple CoxBook: Origin of the Mac name


Author: Michael Evans

Yesterday's Mac history post by Tony Cole had us both ferreting around to discover the origin of the Mac trademark. Not too many Wikiclicks later I had found an article by Jef Raskin who worked on the original Mac Project. 

Jef was the 31st employee of Apple in January 1978. It was Jef who had a thing for an especially delicious apple, the McIntosh. The spelling had to be adjusted for legal reasons, but that's how it started. 

I got to wondering: what if Jef had preferred the Cox's Pippin, billed as the best-flavoured apple ever? Would we now have an iCox on the desk? Or a CoxBook Pro in the Crumpler messenger bag? Stranger things have happened.

Apple Choices: Is it to be the new iPad Pro junior and an iPhone...


I’m a keyboard sort of guy, so yesterday’s announcement of the new 9.7in iPad Pro with support for keyboard and Apple Pencil was right up my street. The original iPad Pro was tempting but I reasoned that it was just too big for comfort, particularly if I want to start carrying around an iPad once more. For the past year or so I have been quite happy sans iPad, relying on the compromise of the iPhone 6 Plus.

Dr.Drang: Apple’s Podcasts app is abysmal

“Apple’s Podcasts app is abysmal. I can’t imagine anyone liking it.” Speaking his mind as usual, Dr. Drang of, gives us a detailed review...

iPhone 6 is just too good for Apple’s own good


So Apple has had another bumper quarter, making more profit than any other company in the history of the world. iPhone sales tickled 75 million, an all-time high. Yet analysts were disappointed and Wall Street gave Apple stock a drubbing. Much of this hysteria centres on Tim Cook’s conservative projection for iPhone sales in the coming quarter.

iPhone goes up in a flash of light


A dead iPhone with its flashlight glaring forth. Mike had to sort out a friend's iPhone 5S and ended up at the Genius Bar to some good effect.....