Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Aperture, the flawed genius. And why Lightroom won battle and war


Just what happened to Aperture and why did it die a sudden death. Stephen Hackett traces the history of Apple’s much-loved post processor over at Macstories….

iBooks: iPhone app, wireless syncing in head on with Amazon


Overview_ibooks_20100403Battle lines have been drawn by the two big players in ebooks. Apple has announced iBooks for the iPhone and wireless syncing of books, placeholders, bookmarks and notes between all devices. 

At a stroke, Cupertino has removed the Kindle's one unique selling point and paved the way for a sweeping success for the iBookstore. With 100 million iOS4 devices out there, there is absolutely no chance of the iBookstore being a flop unless the pricing structure is obviously unattractive, which I seriously doubt. Indeed, if any proof were needed, Apple claim to have captured 22 percent of the ebook market in under two months. 

As I've been saying for months, portability and syncing is what the ebook market demands and to have two such major players, Amazon and Apple, committed to synchronisation represents a turning point in ebooks. We are getting a glimpse of the future.

iPhone: over-complicated time-zone support?

Photo Am I the only user who finds the setting of time zones on the iPhone to be confusing? In common with many owners, I regularly move between time zones. On my MacBook Pro I have time zone set to automatic and all I need to remember is to manually change the time-zone support in iCal. On the phone, the zone changes are manual and are buried in Settings app. The general time zone is in General/Date & Time but it’s necessary to type in the city rather than select from a list or, ideally, select from a few personal common destinations. But it’s the time zone support for calendars that always gets me. One week after returning from Athens I looked at my iPhone calendar today and realised all the appointments were two hours out (why I hadn’t noticed before, I don’t know). So I have to go to Settings and choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars and then, hidden away at the bottom of the long list, is Time Zone Support. Again, I have to type in London to replace Athens. I can understand that many people might want to leave iCal fixed to their home time zone so appointments are viewed with the correct times, but I always prefer to change over. With appointments in several time zones it is desirable not to have errors and misunderstandings creeping in. This applies particularly to plane departure times which are always designated in the local time zone. It would be a useful enhancement to the iPhone OS if we could have the ability to link the two settings when required: that way, changing the time zone in Date & Time would also adjust the calendar settings. Personally, I would also value an automatic time-zone change for both general and calendar settings. Whatever happens, I think there is room for improvement in the next edition of iPhone OS.

iPhone Photography: A huge opportunity for the camera industry


The effect of burgeoning iPhone photography is a positive indicator for the camera industry as a whole. Far from killing off the traditional camera, the new craze is introducing a whole generation to the pleasures of holding and using a camera.....

iMac external Thunderbolt SSD drive solution

Judging by the readership of my posts on iMacs and SSDs, there is tremendous interest in upgrading the Mac desktop computers to SSD. Many,...

How to work from two computers now that the desktop is back in fashion


Apple's 5K iMac has been extremely successful. I, for one, have abandoned my previously stated preference for one powerful MacBook Pro in favour of this beautifully screened desktop monster. Instead of relying on just the one laptop, I now find myself dusting off the 2012 MacBook Air and checking to see if everything is in sync.

June 16, 2005: The day I experienced my Mac conversion and haven’t looked back...


Today is the tenth anniversary of my recruitment to the world of Apple. After a quarter of a century struggling with various operating systems and a wide range of disparate and troublesome hardware, discovering Apple was a revelation. I can honestly say I haven’t looked back and couldn’t even consider using Windows again, however much it has improved in the past decade.

Tip: Working in split-screen mode in El Capitan


What have Windows users been able to do for years while the guilty pleasure has been out of bounds to us MacFiloi? The answer is split-screen working. For the first time, following the arrival of El Capitan, we have this engaging new toy at our beck and call.

Did Apple just sell more smartwatches in six hours than the rest of the...

Apple Watch is sold out. Within six hours of its appearance in the on-line store at 12.04 Pacific Time this morning, delivery dates on...

New MacBook Air crashes

Gismodo reports that their new MacBook Airs are “bugging out” and crashing. Strange, I am now into Day Seven of Air usage and nary...