Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Tools & Toys: Apple Watch is a unique device, unobtrusive, always there

Bradley Chamers, writing in Tools & Toys Apple Watch is a unique device. It’s form over function in a lot of ways. It’s...

Tip: Working in split-screen mode in El Capitan


What have Windows users been able to do for years while the guilty pleasure has been out of bounds to us MacFiloi? The answer is split-screen working. For the first time, following the arrival of El Capitan, we have this engaging new toy at our beck and call.

Apple’s iPhone upgrade programme not available in UK but….


One of the most interesting developments at last week's Apple event was the introduction of the iPhone subscription or rental plan which provides an automatic upgrade every two years and includes Apple Care. 

Android versus iOS: The elephant in the phone


It's a difficult choice between Android and iOS but, for seasoned Appleistas, the warm and comforting eco-system counts for a lot....

In Apple’s Waiting Room: A comfortable date at Ladurée


The Apple Store in Covent Garden is my resort of choice. It is strategically placed in the wonderful Piazza, so much more civilised that Regent Street or any of the Mall-based locations. It is especially well sited for waiting around, especially when anticipating a Genius Bar appointment as I was doing this morning

Verify! Repair! Mac Hatter gets his comeuppance in El Capitan


For years when faced with any OS X problem the cry from the Mac Hatter has been Verify! Repair! Dodgy permissions were the root cause of all Mac ills, he told us with conviction. Now, it seems, the tea party is over as El Capitan has deemed permission verifying and repairing to be an unnecessary frippery. Has all this hocus-pocus had us all fixated over the years on something that was merely a placebo rather than a general help.

Ideal case for the iPhone


One of the attractions of getting a new toy such as the iPhone is exploring the range of accessories. Cases figure high on this list because, like most users, I want maximum protection with maximum ease of use. 

Some cases are just too bulky and yet offer little protection for the screen. Others, such as the rubberised condom style, need to be removed every time you dock the phone. Then there are the slim leather cases that offer style and feel-good factor but, again, offer little protection for the screen.

My Sena Ultra-slim Pouch is made from soft, high-quality leather and is of the slip-on type. It feels good and is a real quality item. The disadvantage is that you have to remove the phone for use, even to take a call--presenting the ever-present danger of dropping the naked phone. It also offers little real protection for the screen. 

My current case of choice is the Griffin Elan Form case which has a removable lower half to enable docking, plus a substantial clear-plastic screen cover that, surprisingly, doesn't make touch input difficult. The outer shell is covered in what I thought was a plastic leather-look but, according to the sales blurb, is actually a real leather coating. It looks good, whatever it is. 

I am also a fan of the Power Support Anti-Glare film for the screen. This is much better, in my opinion, than he crystal cover from the same manufacturer. The anti-glare has a slightly textured surface which does not attract finger marks but makes navigation and touch input more accurate and satisfying. What's more, this is one screen protector that is easy to apply. Getting rid of the air bubbles is easy on the iPhone because the hard glass screen can take more pressure from a credit card, the accepted implement for smoothing. This is one screen cover that actually improves the appearance while vastly improving the tactile feel and preventing smudges.

The anti-glare screen and the harder plastic screen insert of the Griffin case creates a very well-protected phone while input is only slightly impaired. For serious use, it is easy enough to slide off the bottom half of the case and remove the plastic cover. Incase make a similar two-part slider case but it does not have the hard plastic screen cover, thus leaving the phone more vulnerable.

Apple redefines the smart watch and demolishes the competition

The Apple watch is more than anyone anticipated. It has gone far beyond what we have seen before and has demolished the existing fledgling...

iPhone knocks another nail in the coffin of the point-and-shoot camera

Low-end cameras got another drubbing this evening as Apple's Phil Schiller outlined the new camera capabilities of the iPhone 6 and iPhone...

Steve Jobs: Goodbye, your legacy will live on

Steve Jobs died today, 5 October 2011