Monday, February 24, 2020

Steve Jobs: Goodbye, your legacy will live on

Steve Jobs died today, 5 October 2011

MacBook Pro: How a slice of toast changed my mind


Mike had almost decided to sell his desktop and portable Macs in favour of one all-singing-dancing 13in MacBook Pro and a 27in monitor. But a slice of toast made him think twice....

A pocketful of Rye and a proper dose of optimism for 2020

Will the smugglers take over England before George Washington takes America? A visit to the ancient town of Rye, one of the historic Cinque Ports, sets the scene for the naughty Twenties, complete with a proper naughty fish-finger sandwich.

Ich bin ein Binliner: How Apple binned the trash

Why has Apple decided to bin the trash? Thirty years of computing waste-disposal has been dealth a blow. We now have to get used to binning our rubbish.

iFrustration at Flint Center as Apple’s live feed expires

Now settled down to watch the Apple event and it's a frustrating experience. The live feed is clearly wilting under the pressure from probably...

Dr.Drang: Apple’s Podcasts app is abysmal

“Apple’s Podcasts app is abysmal. I can’t imagine anyone liking it.” Speaking his mind as usual, Dr. Drang of, gives us a detailed review...

iPhone Stand: At last, a light, thin folding stand for smartphones


On the face of it, it's a simple quest: Find the perfect portable stand for a smartphone. Yes it is easier asked than done. Now Mike has found the perfect candidate and bought three just to be on the safe side....

BandWerk, the Leica of straps for the Apple Watch

This beautiful leather strap from BandWerk for the Apple Watch would grace a £10,000 Swiss timepiece, never mind a smartwatch.

Windows of Opportunity: iPad Trojan for Apple


Author: Michael Evans

Fascinating to see research that shows just over 50 percent of new iPads have gone to Windows households. It looks like the pad is following the trend started by the iPhone: It's an Apple Trojan in an alien environment. 

You could argue that the iPod was the first example of an Apple product that exposed non-believers to the world of Apple; it has been credited with starting the renaissance in Apple computer fortunes in the early '00s. But it is the iPhone that really opened th floodgates for Apple. Upwards of 100m people have experienced the Cupertino way of doing things on phones and touches. Many of them, am sure, have been heading the line for the new MacBooks and Pros. 

The iPad will reinforce the trend. Satisfied owners will start to wonder about the experience of owning a Mac computer. Apple's tight branding policy and great design strengths will draw in many of the new iPad owners. The closed hardware/software system--once a liability--is now one of Apple's greatest strengths.

OS X: How Apple’s big gamble paid off


I came late to the Mac party. After years tied to Windows-dominated business, it was only in 2005 that I had the courage to think different(ly). I bought my first Mac almost as an experiment—a Mac Mini as it happened—but I have never looked back. I cannot now envisage any other computing company than Apple.