Mac Anti-Virus: I give in after 13 years

For years Mac users have not felt the need for anti-virus protection. But things are changing and Mike has finally given in and installed an unobtrusive but effective package.

The curious case of the death of Instapaper

Instapaper, once the basis of our news-gathering workflow, has been gone for a month now. No progress reports have come our way and we’ve lost hope of getting it back.

Goodbye Instapaper

Instapaper, the handy read-later application, is in Mike’s baddest of bad books. It’s been off the air in Europe for nearly a week. It seems the boffins at Instapaper hadn’t heard about GDPR until two minutes before it came into force. So disaster struck…..

When 5G comes a-calling we’ll enter the full-time connected age

Faster, more reliable cellular connection — not just for phones and tablets but for laptops — is now just around the corner as Mike discovers...

Apple Watch health monitoring and the Kardia Mobile electro-cardiogram

Who would have imagined that you could take a medical-grade electro-cardiagram as often as you like, just by using a thin sensor and an iPhone? The Kardia Mobile ECG monitor has been approved both in the US and UK as a medical device and is being recommended by general practitioners.

Apple’s new iMac Pro: Not the best choice for photographers

All that glittlers..... Apple's gorgeous new all-grey iMac Pro promises blistering performance. But is it money well spent for the keen stills photographer?

No Camera Again: iPhone X steps into the breach

When you don't carry a camera, today's smartphones — especially the new iPhone X - step valiantly into the breach.....

Smartphone has won the battle with low-end compact cameras

Sales of compact cameras have fallen by 90 percent in the past ten years. Smartphones are winning the battle for the pocket camera market. Is the end for the traditional camera? 

iPhone X Launch: First-come-first-served as the internet buzzes

iPhone X launch day and the internet is buzzing. Will my order succeed? Mike has his finger on the button....

Apple’s iAnaemic not a roaring success, apparently

Sales of the iPhone 8 are apparently tanking. But it isn't strange at all. All the early adopters and the high-five queuers are waiting for the next big thing — Generation X....