Monday, December 5, 2022

USB-C Port Woes: Wobbling all the way to the Genius Bar

Does your cable wobble? All four USB-C ports on Mike's 2018 MacBook Pro wobble and lead to unstable data connections. Apple don't want to know, but a simple fix seems to be working.

Leica to establish computational imaging centre in California

Leica has bucked the downward trend in the camera industry, achieving a modest growth of seven percent. The company is now tackling the "second digital revolution" by establishing a centre of excellence in Silicone Valley.

Camara Attacks: My pictures aren’t worth a ransom, so there

Pay up or you'll lose your pictures: Hacking and ransomware comes to a camera near you....

Jony Ive leaves Apple. What comes next?

Eight years after the death of Steve Jobs, Jony Ive has decided to leave Apple. Between them, they were instrumental in turning Apple into a trillion-dollar company. So what does this departure mean for the future of Apple?

95% of humans over 15 own a cellphone. True or false?

Can you believe that 5 billion out of 5.3 bill over-15s on this planet own a phone? I didn't but let's give it a whirl...

Signal to Noise: An often misunderstood relationship


Wayne wonders whether a bit of grain or noise isn’t a good thing after all…..

Instapaper flickers back to life in Europe


GDPR legislation in Europe put an immediate stop to Instapaper, the useful read-later service we have been using for many years. Why this happened isn’t very clear. But it is significant the development team has bought out of Pinterest and has now reinstated service in Europe. What should you do?

Instapaper: New ownership but still no service in Europe


The Instapaper saga gets more mysterious. This read-later service, on which I have relied for several years, went offline on May 25  implementation day of the new GDPR regulations, and is still down two months later.

Internet: Just how much do we all rely on our broadband


It’s a complete broadband blackout at Macfilos and work has been suspended. We managed to get a last post out over the cellular network.....

1Password: Use a different password every time; don’t remember them


Keeping track of a multitude of passwords is an impossible task. That’s why many people choose a few easily remembered words or phrases and use them over and over again. But what if you could have a different, very secure password for every site you visit without the need ever to remember them?