Friday, March 5, 2021

Smartphone has won the battle with low-end compact cameras


Sales of compact cameras have fallen by 90 percent in the past ten years. Smartphones are winning the battle for the pocket camera market. Is the end for the traditional camera? 

iPhone X Launch: First-come-first-served as the internet buzzes


iPhone X launch day and the internet is buzzing. Will my order succeed? Mike has his finger on the button....

Apple’s iAnaemic not a roaring success, apparently


Sales of the iPhone 8 are apparently tanking. But it isn't strange at all. All the early adopters and the high-five queuers are waiting for the next big thing — Generation X....

iPhone 8 Plus: Is it the best camera you can own?


The latest smartphone cameras, in particular that in the new iPhone 8 Plus, are so easy to use effectively and definitely flatter the user. It's a good thing and it creating tens of thousands of new camera addicts. But is the iPhone 8 Plus the only camera you would want to use? Is it taking over?

Why Apple should buy Sony (but probably won’t)


What would be the benefits of Apple hoovering up Sony? In some ways the two companies are now a perfect match....

Apple’s iPad finally comes of age as a productivity tool


I have never been happy with the iPad as a productivity device, a replacement for the Mac. But the new iOS 11 operating system transforms Apple's tablet. Now, I believe, it is worth another look....

Alexa meets Siri, starts platonic relationship


If you own a smart speaker you want it to integrate with your other systems. That has been a big problem with Amazon's Alexa so far. Now, there's a chink in the armour. She has met Siri and started a tentative relationship.....

Laptop Ban: Packing for a future of more restrictions


Mike explores how banning laptop and cameras could cause travellers to consider what equipment to own, let alone what to travel with.... 

Nokia 3310: Thinking the unthinkable. Are smartphones really necessary?


Do today's smartphones attempt to do too much? Could Nokia's new no-nonsense retro-phone replace my iPhone and leave me free to do most of my work on an iPad mini? 

CameraPhone Quest III: Bill wraps up his search


Bill has finished his quest for the CAMERAphone as opposed to the PHONEcamera. He reaches some surprising conclusions.....