Friday, September 25, 2020

Freedom, the open road, an electric car and solitude in Salisbury Cathedral Close

The electric cat is unleashed as lockdown restrictions are lifted. and Mike reflects on his life with his Jaguar I-Pace. The quiet lawns of Salisbury Cathedral Close beckon the beast...

Brooklands emerges from lockdown lighter and better for it

After four months of lockdown, museums throughout Britain are again opening their doors. Mike paid a visit to his favourite haunt, Brooklands, Leica SL2 in hand.

Farewell, Boeing 747: Hop hop to the aeroplane graveyard

On its way to aircraft graveyard, the last Qantas 747 did a kangaroo on the way to Los Angelese. John was there to record the sad day...

I shot a lion in Zimbabwe but she just faded away

The wall-mounted trophy lion faded away in the direct sunlight. So John cast around for a suitable replacement. He found the three little human lionesses were a more suitable exhibit for a coastal home...

Away from the D-Day beaches, walks along the Alabaster Coast of Normandy

The beautiful Normandy coast, stretching from the Seine to the Somme, is a perfect location for a walking holiday.

Plitvice National Park: Exploring the upper lakes in summer and autumn

From late summer to early winter, the Plitvice lakes provide an ever-changing feast of colour and texture as Kevin found when he took his "vintage" Leica X1 and X Vario for an outing in the wild...

Oh! Kolkata: The beating heart of a metropolis on the road to modernisation

Calcutta, the former capital of British India, is a bustling city that is trying to modernise after years of Communist rule. Farhiz paid a visit to some of the city's historica landmarks.

Perilous times on the road from Tibet to Kathmandu

The best of roads, the worst of roads: It was a time for strong nerves. Wayne takes a hair-raising trip on the perilous "highway" from the China-Tibet border to Kathmandu in Depal.

Striding out of lockdown, Aussie rules

As lockdown rules relax in Australia, what's the best bet for social distancing? A 28mm up-close risk taker or supping with a long lens at 400mm? Our correspondents wake up and smell the coffee...

Husky Sledding: An excursion in Tromsø

David fulfilled a lifelong ambition when he went huskie sledding in northern Norway with his Sami guide...