Sunday, March 7, 2021

Under threat: Artisanal oil drilling in Myanmar

Artisanal oil drilling on the banks of the Irawaddy: A 300-year tradition that is now in decline...

Plitvice Lakes National Park: Visiting Kozjak and the Lower Lakes

Beautiful at any time of the year, the Plitvice Lakes National Park in central Croatia is internationally renowned for its beautiful lakes and waterfalls. As...

Macfilos notches up 40,000 page views over the weekend

Our story of the 70-year-old roll of undevelopled film has captured the world's imagination. It's a great human-interest story at a time of much gloom and doom...

Swiss Roll: These 70-year-old snaps now have a worldwide audience. The hunt is on

William's photographs developed after 70 years have created worldwide interest. Who are these people who seemed to have enjoyed such a blissful holiday in Switzerland and Italy in the early 1950s? Why did they take such good pictures and then not develop the film? The mystery grows and it has been covered in media throughout the world...

Un monte che col ciel quasi confina

The Gran Sasso d'Italia, a climb, a set of photographs and a literary appreciation of this region just 120km east of Rome...

Swiss Roll: Latest update on our 70-year-old mystery film

William Fagan's resurrected photographs found in an old camera have attracted world-wide attention. Who were the who people (and a dachshund) who set out from Zurich to drive to northern Italy in the Spring of 1951? The search continues...

Coronavirus: The empty seats of Melbourne

Lockdown in Melbourne, the epicentre of the Australian fight against the pandemic. This article charts the way in which the city tackled this major emergency. It was a case of empty seats, empty places...

Macfilos is just a hobby? Not this week, thanks to the Swiss Roll

Mystery photographs from 70 years ago: Left in a camera, undeveloped. Thanks to the BBC and an army of volunteers throughout Europe, we are homing in on the identity of the Munich couple and their dog...

The John Robert Young Leicas: A regretted decision to sell

Famous photo-journalist John Robert Young did something we have all done: He sold a cherished object and then regretted bitterly. Can we possibly find John's Leica M6 Classic and his M6TTL, both engraved with his name on the top-plate?

Living like a vampire: Landscape and the Leica Q2 Monochrom

Monochrome photography for landscapes and mountaineering: The choice between Leica SL2 conversions, the M Monochrom and the new Leica Q2 Monochrom