Countdown to a Leica M event

Here's a chance to sit looking at a blank screen for the next seven days. Next Thursday a Leica video will come to life at 3 pm. What on earth could it be about?

Camera stores looted and burned down in US protests

Over the past 72 hours, at least two well-known camera stores have been put out of business during the protests in the USA. The...

Leica: APS-C is a continuing part of our product range

During Friday's on-line conference between members of the LHSA – the International Leica Society – and Leica bosses, product director Stefan Daniel confirmed the...

Leica M camera development: EVF, IBIS unlikely

The prospect of an M camera with EVF instead of the rangefinder is unlikely, as is an M body with stabilisation. During the discussion...

Leica factory reopens after lockdown closure

Leica's production line at Wetzlar is restarting this morning after the two-month closure because of Covid-19. Stefan Daniel, the company's global product director told...

Leica Q at Five: Comment on the camera Leica got right

Comments were inadvertently turned off for yesterday's article on the Leica Q at Five. Apologies. If you read the article and intended to comment,...

April Fools’ Day cancelled due to Coronavirus

Has April 1 been cancelled? There have been some half-hearted attempts but, in general, it's a non-event. At least we can celebrate Apple's birth.

London’s Red Dot Cameras closes during the emergency

Last week we reported that London's Red Dot Cameras would close the physical store but continue to support mail-order customers around the world. However,...

Leica’s S3: One for the few, not the many

The Leica S DSLR occupies a rarefied corner of Leicadom of which I know very little. It has always been there, in my peripheral...

Mr Jones, Josef Stalin and a “Leica” screw-mount

A favourite actor, an educational theme and a Leica. What's not to like about Mr Jones?

A plague on all your ads: Google Adsense goes incontinent

While I was in Germany this week I noticed random panel advertising appearing on Macfilos. In some cases, advertisements were placed in between comments....

Leica Q2 RAW import issues: Firmware fix on way

There's a reported problem with the import of certain RAW files from the Leica Q2. But the good news is that a fix is on the way.

The Leicas of Police Street

Whatever you do, don't overtake a Leica. This unmistakable Disco was found parked outside the recent Photographica fair in London. It's the vehicle of...

Happy St. George’s Day

It's April 23, St. George's Day -- our English national day -- and Macfilos sends good wishes to all our readers here in England...

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