Saturday, January 16, 2021

Macfilos notches up 40,000 page views over the weekend

Our story of the 70-year-old roll of undevelopled film has captured the world's imagination. It's a great human-interest story at a time of much gloom and doom...

Swiss Roll: These 70-year-old snaps now have a worldwide audience. The hunt is on

William's photographs developed after 70 years have created worldwide interest. Who are these people who seemed to have enjoyed such a blissful holiday in Switzerland and Italy in the early 1950s? Why did they take such good pictures and then not develop the film? The mystery grows and it has been covered in media throughout the world...

Own a Leica camera for only 7 pence a day…

Those were the days. When you could walk out of a smart London photographic retailer with a brand new Leica for only 7 pence a day over 24 months. But was it such a bargain?

Leica X1 and X2: That pesky Battery Clip

If you own a Leica X1 or X2 you have been very lucky if the plastic battery retaining clip hasn’t sheared off before now. Maybe it’s worth ordering a spare in case Leica run out of them...

High-price Nikon L rangefinder fetches €398,000 at Wetzlar auction

Wetzlar Camera Auctions last week achieved a word-record price for a vintage Nikon. The prototype Nikon L with Leica screw mount went for just shy of €400,000.

Leica I Model A: First review of the new 1930 model


January 1930 and I have just been asked by Leitz Optische Werke to review the latest version of their miniature marvel of technology, the Leica I Model A miniature camera. It is truly revolutionary. Because it uses 35mm cine film you can feed enough stock into a little steel cassette to allow up to 36 pictures without having to stop and reload. It’s also very advanced, with automatic features such as a knob that advances the film by exactly one frame at a time and cocks the shutter simultaneously.

M9 sensor replacement: Now you can turn your colour digital into a Monochrom

More companies are now offering to replace your corroded Leica M9 Sensor. And you can now convert your colour camera into a Monochrom

Swiss Roll: Hidden for 70 years, these photographs were recovered from an ancient Leica...

I roll of 35mm film exposed two generations ago in Switzerland and Italy. It has remained undeveloped through the decades and now provides a unique and poignant record or a vacation by an unknown family. We would like to get in touch and returned their unseen holiday snaps...

Can you have your medium format kaka and eat it? Hasselblad’s first generation X1D...

As the great lyricist and philosopher queen Britney Spears once said: “Oops, I did it again!” Bought another camera, that is… Yes, I know...

Plitvice Lakes National Park: Visiting the Upper Lakes in Winter and Spring.

Winter and early spring in the dramatic Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. Kevin continues his photographic record of the stunning landscape in all seasons...