Leica BIG Pocket Book: The choice for deeper pockets

No more magnifying glasses: For those struggling with the small print, the new Leica BIG Pocket book is a desk-top version for even easier reference...
Product image showing photographic gear which is reviewed in the M Files, a series on Macfilos

The M Files Jubilee: Creating the largest knowledge base for M-Mount photographic gear

The M Files jubilee marks 20 episodes of a unique Macfilos series. It covers third-party lenses, cameras and accessories with Leica M-Mount. Read here why these articles could be useful for you
Image showing three cameras from the manufacturer AkA Friedrichshafen, later called akw

It’s coming home: Taking an old AkA camera back to Friedrichshafen

AkA Friedrichshafen, later akw, is one of the German post-war camera manufacturers that are almost forgotten now. Let's look at the company's history and its products. What cameras are the Akarex, Akarette, Akarelle or Arette?

Wetzlar Camera Auctions: Over three million for Leica Null

The fifth Wetzlar Auction fetches high prices, including over €3 = million for another Null Series prototype Barnack Leica...
Product image shows Pixii rangefinder camera model A2572 with Leica CL digital

The Ten Most-Read Articles of the Quarter: Macfilos goes viral

The top ten most-read Macfilos articles of the last quarter cover all aspects of photography, with an emphasis on all things Leica. The topics covered include gear reviews, vintage cameras, travel photography, and the fun of learning to use a rangefinder.

Manplan Project: The state of Britain at the end of the Swinging Sixties

The Manplan project, which was to become one of the highlights of my career as a photographer, came to me in 1969 from a...

Turning to Film: Getting to know the Mamiya 6 and my film preference

The Bronica has found a new owner and I moved on to the Mamiya 6. Everything related to film photography is new to me, I am happy to at least have the familiar experience of a rangefinder camera...

Highlights of the October Wetzlar Camera Auctions

Wetzlar Camera Auctions is owned by Lars Netopil of Classic Cameras, Wetzlar and Jo Geier of Mint and Rare, Vienna. They hold one auction...

Leica announces limited edition M6 Leitz Auction set in black finish

The new M6 Leitz Auction set is available from today, but you’d better be quick off the mark. Only 20 sets have been produced...

Turn to film: Stepping back into the world of film photography

I don't consider myself a Luddite at all. I am a big believer in technology and its potential to bring improvement to humans across the globe, despite its obvious challenges. And yet, in the world of photography, as I turn to film, I find myself evolving in the opposite direction when looking at where photographic technology is heading...

Leica IIIa brought back to life after 85 years: Flip or flop?

John has owned the Leica IIIa for 56 years, ever since she was a sprightly 30-year-old. Completely refurbished, the IIIa is now working as well as when new. But is it a keeper, even after all these years?
Product image shows the Olympus 35 RC analogue rangefinder camera

Olympus 35 RC: A tiny but true rangefinder camera for beginners and experts

The Olympus RC 35 is a rangefinder camera from 1970. This review with many sample images shows where this timeless classic delivers and where not. And what prospective buyers should know.
Image shows what is at stake if a Zeiss photo market exit should come true: Historical products would be without successors

Zeiss photo market exit: Not true, says the company

Zeiss is rumoured to leave the photo market. Not true, the company asserts. But what is the outlook for the excellent but slow selling Zeiss ZM lenses?
Product image shows Voigtländer Bessa R3M rangefinder camera with Voigtländer Heliar 40/2.8 lens.

The M Files (19): Voigtländer Bessa R3M with Voigtländer Heliar 40/2.8 

The Voigtländer Bessa R3M is an exceptional analogue rangefinder camera with a 100% viewfinder. Here, it is reviewed with the Voigtländer Heliar 40/2.8 — the shortest focal length this camera supports.

42nd Leitz Photographica Auction: Terry O’Neill’s Morning After and a 1948 Leica Reporter for...

The 42nd Leitz Photographica Auction on June 9 and 10, 2023, saw a wide variety of vintage cameras, lenses and photographs up for sale. Among other objects, a rare Leica M3 black paint with black counter dial, as well as a Leica Model A Anastigmat, attracted great interest among bidders.