Thursday, July 18, 2019

Berlin: Leuchtturm notebooks, Lamy and Kaweco pens at KaDeWe

Mike has been obsessing about notebooks and pens again. Here he has been scouring the ample shelves of Berlin’s KaDeWe department store.

Apple Notes: A notable exception as I return to Evernote, tail between legs

Twice in the past few months I’ve written about Apple Notes. First, I recounted how I had successful transferred all my Evernote files over to Notes and that all had gone well. Well, it went downhill from there. First I noticed some slowness in Notes. Then I realised that every time I opened the application on the iPhone there would be a delay of over a minute before I could start a new note or search for an existing item.

Lightroom CC and the disappearing Nik Collection

Since I upgraded to Lightroom Creative Cloud subscription-based applications my Nik Software plugins have been working flawlessly. Right click on an image, go to "Edit In" and the full list of available plugins was presented. Last weekend, however, I noticed that all, with the exception of Color Efex Pro for some reason, had disappeared from the Edit dialogue box. I immediate suspected foul play involving a big dose of housekeeping done the previous day.

Apple Notes: Time to say goodbye to Evernote

For over five years I have been paying for Evernote premium access and have tried to love Evernote for what it is--a full-featured note and storage application that does almost everything well. At the same time, though, I have dabbled with the old Apple Notes, Simplenote, nvALT and several other plain-text note applications. Synchronisation between iPad, iPhone and Mac has always been top of my features list.

Text Expander: A little tool to save hours of typing

Over time I download and install many helpful utilities to my Mac. Some I completely forget about them and fall into the trap of believing that their behind-the-scenes benevolence is actually something built in to OS X.

Dropbox: How to recover when Dropbox sync fills your computer’s drive

My three-year-old 11in MacBook Air has what was once considered a commodious disk—all 256GB of it. But these days, especially with large RAW files, it really isn’t that much. I had taken my eye off the ball and, of course, the day of reckoning had to happen while I was away from home on my Greek island. Ever since I arrived last Wednesday, Dropbox had been churning along, stretching the Air’s processor to the limit, and first reported “downloading file list” and then “syncing files”: All pretty normal stuff except that with my glacial 1GB broadband, the procedure was taking days rather than hours.

Learn the top ten Mac keyboard shortcuts in ten minutes

Many new Mac users seldom use keyboard shortcuts. Even frequent actions such as cut and paste are laboriously handled from the menu...

Spooks put new life into the typewriter industry

So the spooks of Germany's Bundesnachrichtendientst (don't you just love that language?) are giving up their hackable and wormable computers for good old fashioned typewriters. The standard Bundesnachrichtendienstbeamtersschreibmaschine¹ (more respect for the German language....) will henceforth grace every secure desk as Merkelland fights a rearguard action against the perfidious NSA.


Evernote turbo sync and web clipper

I've been a great fan of Evernote ever since the service was launched in 2008. This free cloud storage service enables you to save...

The paperless office really does work

Six years ago I made a resolution. I would henceforth strive to achieve a paperless life. I went digital overnight but I could never...