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Want to contribute to Macfilos? Here’s what to do

Here at Macfilos, we welcome writers and photographers who have a story to tell. Almost any subject is acceptable, but usually features on photography, equipment, travel and history are in demand. In many ways, the story is more important than the photographs. If the story is interesting, the images will illustrate the text and need not be up to exhibition standards.

If you have a few photographs that could support a story then put pen to paper and let us see the result. We are quite happy to edit and, if necessary, put your ideas into a different format. Ideally, you will be using one of our favourite cameras from Leica, Panasonic, Ricoh or Fuji, so you follow the general theme of the site. But please don’t be put off if you own a camera from a different make. It’s the stories we are interested in.

We do tend to concentrate our “gear” attentions on the new breed of mirrorless cameras and we would be especially interested in articles illustrated by Nikon, Canon, Sony newcomers. And many of our readers have a soft spot for medium format, so Fuji and Hasselblad come into the picture.

The story is the thing. Interested in vintage cars? Then let’s have a story illustrated with some of your favourite shots

Aim for at least 1,000 words and enough images to space out the article. You can see the sort of stuff we publish on the site.

Send your words preferably in plain text, without any formatting. Don’t try to make it pretty because we just convert it to plain text and have to remove all the formatting.

We are gradually moving over to Google Docs because it is a universally available on-line editor which permits co-operative editing. If possible, write your article in Docs (or copy it over) and then share the article with me at the address below. You can, if you wish, insert the photographs to the Google document.


There are no format restrictions on images but please ensure that the file size of individual picture does not exceed 2MB. Try for 1.9MB to avoid problems.

Send your images via WeTransfer which costs nothing and is very easy to use. Again, use the above email address. Alternatively, share a Dropbox file with the above address.

It helps if you can number the image files consecutively, ideally, in the order in which they should appear in the finished article. Use a format such as 01Newarticle.jpg. That way they will all sort automatically into order.

Just Looking: We are keen to find contributors from Asia, in particular Singapore, Hong Kong, China or Japan. Don’t worry if you feel your English isn’t good enough. It’s the information and the pictures we are interested in. We’ll edit and make everything look professional.

All articles will be edited and made up into page form before a proof is submitted for your approval. You will have every opportunity to make absolutely sure that everything is as you want it before we press the publish button.

We look forward to seeing your articles and photographs. You will enjoy becoming part of the Macfilos community which includes like-minded photographers throughout the world. If you have any reservations or would like individual help, just get in touch.

Finally, Macfilos is a labour of love and has no income. Therefore we can’t pay for any contributions. You just get the satisfaction of taking part and getting to know the many fellow authors and commenters in our growing community.

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