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Contributing to Macfilos: Here’s what to do

Here at Macfilos we welcome writers and photographers who have a story to tell. Almost any subject is acceptable, but usually features on photography, equipment, travel and history are in demand.

If you have a few photographs that could support a story then put pen to paper and let us see. We are quite happy to edit and, if necessary, put your ideas into a different format. Ideally, you will be using one of our favourite cameras from Leica, Panasonic or Fuji so you follow the general theme of the site.

Aim for at least 1,000 words and enough images to space out the article. You can see the sort of stuff we publish on the site.

Send your words preferably in plain text, without any formatting. Don’t try to make it pretty because we just convert it to plain text. Alternatively, write in Apple Pages or Google Docs and share the draft with me at


There are no format restrictions on images but please ensure that the file size of individual picture does not exceed 2MB. Try for 1.9MB to avoid problems.

Send your images via WeTransfer (wetransfer.com) which costs nothing. Again, use the above email address. Alternatively, share a Dropbox file with the above address.

We look forward to seeing your articles and photographs. You will enjoy becoming part of the Macfilos community which includes like-minded photographers throughout the world.