Saturday, January 25, 2020

Leica’s little C in a land of many big cameras and not a few...

Preparing for trekking in Tibet needs careful planning - and a lightweight camera is appreciated at such high altitudes. Wayne took his tiny Leica C almost to the top of the world.....

Leica M10 Monochrom: 41MP, 100000 ISO and super-stealthy look

Leica's much-antipatged M10 Monochrom is here. With a near-41MP sensor, the largest ever for an M rangefinder, this light monster sports high resolution and a 160-100000 ISO range with up to 15 stops of dynamic range.

Fuji XM-FL vs XF 23mm: The most fun you can have with your lenses...


Last year Fuji brought out a bit of an oddity, a body cap lens. The XM-FL is only available in Japan as at time of writing. In order to get hold of mine I had to resort to eBay and part with seventy-five quid and get it shipped halfway around the world. Two weeks after pressing the button it arrived; possibly the lightest lens-containing parcel I have ever received.

Vive la Difference: Leica X1 and X2 compacts compared


The Leica X1 an X2 35mm-focal-length compacts have become something of a digital classic. Wayne has been out with both cameras for a back-to-back comparison and discovered some interesting differences in output

Leica M6 TTL: Buying a “new” example of a classic film camera


Where can you buy a brand new, unboxed Leica M6 TTL dating back to the early years of the century. Claus found out and managed to get his hands on what he considers to be the perfect example of Leica film-camera art.

Has the nifty fifty had its day? Or are you a dyed-in-the-wool 50mm traditionalist?

Is it sacrilege to say that wider-angle lenses offer more all-round versatility than the legendary "nifty fifty"? Do you now pick up a wide-angle lens as a matter of course?

Leica CL+18-56 Vario-Elmar: Is this the new X-Vario?


There's no doubt that the Leica X-Vario has something of a cult following. But can the new CL with a very similar zoom lens assuage the craving for a new XV?

Toronto over the past 40 years: An introduction

Richard Scott takes us on a tour of Toronto over the past 40 years

Exploring London’s hidden hinterland with the Leica X Vario

Kevin explores the parts of London’s river that visitors seldom see. It’s a hidden hinterland of peace, reflection and the occasional treasure away from the bustle of a capital city

Ricoh GR and the Leica X1/2

The Leica X1/X2 are now popular "vintage" Leica digitals. But they have a lot in common with the Ricoh GR, the smallest APS-C shooter on the market.