Monday, December 16, 2019

Leica SL2: Will there be a 24MP version?

Within the next six weeks we will have a new Leica SL, the SL2. How near in specification will it be to Panasonic's existing S1R? And what is the future for the M rangefinder as sensor sizes continue to grow?

Leica Hodinkee Ghost limited edition in 250 sets worldwide

Leica's latest M10-P special edition, the Ghost, has been designed by Hodinkee founder, Benjamin Clymer as a tribute to his first dive watch which he purchased in his early twenties.

Leica’s new 28mm Summicron ASPH: Comparison with previous model

Leica introduced three new versions of the most popular lenses earlier in 2016. Jono has compared the latest 28mm Summicon ASPH with its predecessor and has used them on two the Leicas, M and SL, and on the Sony A7 Mk. II

Fuji XM-FL vs XF 23mm: The most fun you can have with your lenses...

Last year Fuji brought out a bit of an oddity, a body cap lens. The XM-FL is only available in Japan as at time of writing. In order to get hold of mine I had to resort to eBay and part with seventy-five quid and get it shipped halfway around the world. Two weeks after pressing the button it arrived; possibly the lightest lens-containing parcel I have ever received.

Leica M8 in Japan: A very different culture, a groundbreaking digital camera

Leica’s first digital rangefinder, the M8, had a mixed reception. But it was the first step towards the full-frame M range which has proven so popular among more traditional photographers. Richard took his M8 to Japan over ten years ago and captured the flavour of a very different culture.

James Bond minds his Ms and his Qs

Looks like Leica could have muscled in on the next James Bond film, No Time to Die. Following an appearance on Good Morning America yesterday, Daniel Craig whipped out a Leica Q (or perhaps a Q2) in front of the press.

Ricoh GR and the Leica X1/2

The Leica X1/X2 are now popular "vintage" Leica digitals. But they have a lot in common with the Ricoh GR, the smallest APS-C shooter on the market.

Leitz 28mm f/5.6 Summaron: Resurrection rumours resurface

Rumours this week point to a remake of the vintage 28mm f/2.8 Summaron. Mike Evans has been investigating and found this used example at a London dealer. But it's rare and likely to become even rarer once the boys sniff a new model on the way.

Sensor Size: Are we just being dense?

Is a sensor with more pixels “larger” than its predecessor or “denser”. Should we clearly differentiate between sensor area and pixel density and avoid the sloppy descriptions often bandied around the internet?

Sigma 45mm f/2.8 DG DN lens for L-Mount: First impressions

Sigma's relatively inexpensive 45mm f/2.8 Contemporary lens is a fine addition to any Leica SL or Panasonic S1/R camera. It comes closer to Leica quality than the modest price tag would suggest.