Leica X1 and X2: A monochrome duo

Leica's little X1 and X2 are on their way to becoming digital classics. How do they perform as Monochrom substitutes? I decided to find out.

Leica Q2 arrives at Macfilos

Mike gets his hands on his very own copy of the new Leica Q. Here are the initial impressions as the camera is unboxed for the first time

Leica Q2 Review: Better at every level

The Q2 is here and I have had the opportunity to use a pre-production model for the past four months. This is my hands-on review.

Darkroom for iPad and iPhone: Review by the iOS systems experts

MacStories investigates Darkroom for iPad….

Paperless Office: Is it (nearly) here at long last?

Where are we it the much heralded paperless office? It isn’t here yet (not quite), but an efficient sheet-feed scanner and an intelligent digital storage system can turn you into a 95% paperless paragon

Confessions of a Leica beta tester

Jonathan Slack has been beta-testing pre-production Leicas for a decade. But is it all beer and skittles? Jonathan lifts the veil on the hard slog of aiming for perfection.

Leica D-Lux 7 rounds off a week of pleasant surprises

The new Leica D-Lux is in for review and is off to perform its duty back in Germany…..

Leica M10-D First Impressions: Back to basics and all the better for it

We now have our hands on the new screen-less Leica M10-D and will be reviewing it in detail later. In the meantime, first impressions are extremely positive. If you want the simple life, read on….

More from the Leica X1: Ikigai and the lure of Blueys Beach

Ikigai is a Japanese word which means the reason for being, the purpose of life. It’s the thing which gets you out of bed in the morning. John checks out his ikigai on the coast of New South Wales….

Leica M10-D — the movie

Ivor and Mike give the new M10-D the once over……