Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Dreams of Summertime: Leica’s APO-Summicron-SL 28 f/2 ASPH

Jonathan tests the new Leica 28mm Apo-Summicron L-Mount lens ...

Retro Style: Rollei 35 RF with Sonnar 40/2.8

The M Files, Part 4: Jörg-Peter's journey into the past continues with the Rollei RF, another non-Leica camera which featured the Leica M Mount.

Into the Mystery: Camera in the wild

David Askham reviews a remarkable book which explores landscape photography in a unique way...

Jaguar I-Pace after one year: A stunning electric car but poor charging infrastructure lets...

The Jaguar I-Pace is a triumph of design and engineering in the new world of battery electric vehicles. it makes a compelling case for converting to electricity but is let down by in charging infrastructure in the United Kingdom. Mike recounts his experiences over the past year...

The M Files: Not quite Leica M… But really interesting

The hype seems never-ending: used Leica M film cameras continue to post new price records on the second-hand market. A good copy of the...

Leica SL2-S: First impressions

Jonathan reports on his pre-launch experience with the new "fast" Leica SL2-S with its 24MP sensor, image stabilisation and advanced video features.

Slim Rock n Roll linked strap now available for smaller cameras, including the Leica...

The leather-link Rock n Roll strap is a great companion for any camera. It is springy and comfortable to wear around the neck or over the shoulder. Now comes a narrower, less bulky version which is ideal for the Leica M and other compact cameras.

Panasonic’s Lumix S5 kit: The Lightweight L-Mount alternative

Better late than never. For some reason, the Panasonic S5 kit I ordered in September has just arrived at Macfilos Towers, at least a...

Leica I Model A: First review of the new 1930 model


January 1930 and I have just been asked by Leitz Optische Werke to review the latest version of their miniature marvel of technology, the Leica I Model A miniature camera. It is truly revolutionary. Because it uses 35mm cine film you can feed enough stock into a little steel cassette to allow up to 36 pictures without having to stop and reload. It’s also very advanced, with automatic features such as a knob that advances the film by exactly one frame at a time and cocks the shutter simultaneously.

Can you have your medium format kaka and eat it? Hasselblad’s first generation X1D...

As the great lyricist and philosopher queen Britney Spears once said: “Oops, I did it again!” Bought another camera, that is… Yes, I know...