Leica SL3 Review: Six months with the new L-Mount flagship

The Leica SL3 is here. Jonathan Slack provides the definitive, hand-on review of the latest version of Leica's top-of-the-range mirrorless camera.

All GAS and Gaiters: A reflection on a distressing condition affecting some photographers

It's an affliction that most of us suffer from, one time or another, and it's difficult to treat effectively. Jon takes us through the tale of his own lifelong GAS, Gear Acquisition Syndrome, and discusses the remedies (if any)…

Micro four-thirds: Sigma halts development of lenses as demand falls

Sigma will no longer develop lenses for the micro four-thirds system and detects a decline in demand for APS-C optics. The company is moving forward with its range of full-frame lenses...

OM System announces the OM-5, the first camera without the Olympus brand

Olympus Has Fallen — at least, the Olympus name has disappeared from the range of cameras. They are now OM System cameras and the new OM-5 is the first of the bunch...