Thursday, September 29, 2022

Now the CL is pensioned off, where to go for a lighter alternative to...

Since the first indications of the end for the Leica CL, Macfilos columns have been full of lament. How could Leica simply abandon APS-C...

Nikon said to be withdrawing from DSLR market in favour of a mirrorless future

Nikon is rumoured to be withdrawing from the DSLR market in favour of an all-mirrorless lineup. And Canon could follow in the next few years...

From a snapshot to a fisheye and all that glitters

The Leitz Auction at Wetzlar is now looming large. It takes place on June 11 and William Fagan takes another look at some of the more interesting items in the catalogue...

A hard break-up: Life without Leica

Is there life after Leica? Erwin Hartenberg rationalises his move from Leica back to Nikon and wonder whether, at some point, he will move back to the Leicasphere...

The Invisible Camera appears at the Tamarkin Auction

Cameras and lenses at the upcoming Tamarkin Rare Camera Auction in Chicago are not all invisible, although one pretends to be. But the prices for rare Leica gear continue to astonish...

Looking back on Irish photography since 1839

On August 17, William Fagan will present a Zoom talk on the subject of Irish photography since 1839. Here is a review, written by William, intended to whet your appetite. He hopes you will join him for the talk...

Nikon Zfc: Dialled and knobbed to please the retro ranger

A knob, a dial, my kingdom for a dial: Nikon launched the beknobbdest and bedialdest retro camera in years. And I like it. A smartphone it isn't, and all the better for it.

Santa Monica bush fires with two of Sigma’s finest telephoto lenses

Sigma's range of relatively light telephoto lenses are excellent performers and tremendous value for money. Nick Ut takes two of the best, the 100-400 mm Contemporary and the 60-600 mm Sports on a newsgathering trip to the Santa Monica fires

Assignment of a lifetime: A five-week Antarctic residence

Sitting at his desk in Scotland, Paul got an offer he couldn't refuse: A five-week residency as photographer and lecturer onboard an Antarctic cruise ship...

Lines: What I learned to help take better photos—Part Three

Erwin Hartenberg looks at the ways in which lines are important in photographic composition...