Friday, January 22, 2021

Macfilos gets the Covid vaccine: Jabbing on an industrial scale in one small corner...

A surprise call at 9 am and, by noon your editor had the Pfizer needle in his arm. The British National Health Service is in top gear, racing to protect the most vulnerable in society.

What’s going to happen at Leica in 2021?

A roundup of Leica Christmas rumours: Will any of them materialise in 2021?

A year of lockdowns and a bit of optimism for 2021

While 2020 is a year to forget for most of us, it won't be forgotten. It is now a date for the history books. But we should look forward to 2021 with a touch of optimism...

London’s oldest existing Leica store to close

Richard Caplan, one of London's oldest independent Leica stores, is closing afer 25 years...

Macfilos notches up 40,000 page views over the weekend

Our story of the 70-year-old roll of undevelopled film has captured the world's imagination. It's a great human-interest story at a time of much gloom and doom...

Leica SL2-S: First impressions

Jonathan reports on his pre-launch experience with the new "fast" Leica SL2-S with its 24MP sensor, image stabilisation and advanced video features.

S for Speed: Leica’s new SL2-S will please both videographers and photographers

The new Leica SL2-S majors on video but will appeal to stills photographers with the new 24MP sensor and image stabilisation

Apple’s Mac mini with M1 processor surpasses expectations

The M1 Mac mini arrives and it supasses expectations on speed, despite being an entry model. It's neat and easily stowed out of sight, but not out of mind.

Leica joins with Capture One for SL2 and S3 tethered shooting

Leica announces cooperation with Capture One to enable tethered shooting for SL2 and S3 cameras.

Swiss Roll: Latest update on our 70-year-old mystery film

William Fagan's resurrected photographs found in an old camera have attracted world-wide attention. Who were the who people (and a dachshund) who set out from Zurich to drive to northern Italy in the Spring of 1951? The search continues...