Monday, November 23, 2020

Panasonic’s Lumix S5 kit: The Lightweight L-Mount alternative

Better late than never. For some reason, the Panasonic S5 kit I ordered in September has just arrived at Macfilos Towers, at...

Leica’s new Q2 firmware update comes like a blast of compressed air…

The Q2 now has a new suit of firmware clothes. Updating is a breeze as Mike found out. A quick blast from the aerosol banished an annoying gremlin prior to installation...

Lucky Leica Q2: Red special for Chinese Singles Day on November 11

On the shelf? You might try this lucky red Leica Q2 to give you luck and the courage to go shopping on Chinese Singles Day 2020...

The Marbury Lady and her iPhone camera

How The Marbury Lady has used her iPhone to create a successful landscape photography business in Cheshire, England

On this day in 1945: The ballpoint pen, a revolution in writing, rocked New...

The humble ballpoint pen dates back 132 years. But it reached prime time on this day in 1945 when Gimbels department store in New York sold 30,000 pens at $12.50 each in the first week...

Zeiss ZX1 to be announced later today

According to rumours, the Zeiss ZX1 will be announced at 7pm Japanese time today. The camera was announced two years ago and is finally reaching the market at a cost of around £6,000.

Leica’s parallel universe: The case for a Q2 Monochrom

What do you think of Leica's rumoured plans to launch a monochrome version of the successful Q2 fixed-lens compact? Hit or a miss? Mike looks at the potential for this camera...

Leica: Something monochrome, something mysterious with an S

It looks like the anticipated Q2 Monochrom will be with us in November. But what's all this about an SL2-S and what could that S-suffix stand for?

Late Spring Cleaning: Network storage and getting ready for a fresh start

When hell freezes over, we'll still have shredding machines. Mike has a big clear up and wins the battle with his new Synology NAS disk station.

Where does the camera industry go from here?

Narain Jashanmal takes a look at the current state of the photographic industry and wonders just where we go from here...