Saturday, July 4, 2020

Leica SL2 firmware update introduces multi-shot mode with 187MP resolution

The new version 2.0 of Leica's firmware for the SL2 brings high-resolution mode, bug fixes and some general updates....

Stolen Leicas: Be on your guard for dodgy merchandise

Dear LHSA members and friends, As you may have heard, three Leica Stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco and...

Sigma announces three Contemporary fast APS-C primes for L-Mount

Sigma has just introduced three fast APS-C primes when the only compatible cameras are Leica's CL and TL2. What's happening here?

Photo industry emerges from lockdown: Business almost as usual

As retailing emerges from lockdown, photographic stores are in a good position to make a quick recovery. Mike visits Wex in Milton Keynes and a small independent store in West London to see how things are going....

UK Leica stores emerge from lockdown

Leica will open the majority of its UK Leica Stores on Monday, June 15, following the three month closure because of the lockdown.

Leica’s new small-system Ettas bag

The new compact Ettas bag from Leica will accommodate a V-Lux, Q or CL- and M-system cameras with mounted lenses up to 90mm.

PIXII: APS-C mechanical M-mount rangefinder camera with no rear screen

The much-rumoured PIXII rangefinder camera with M Mount is nearing production. The only snag for rangefinder enthusiasts is that it is an APS-C camera designed for use with full-frame lanses.

Leica’s D-Lux 7 goes all black on us

Eighteen months after the launch of the silver-and-black D-Lux 7, Leica has introduced a stealthy all-black version. It's available from today and costs the same as the silver original.

Whatever happened to the Light L16?

Whatever happened to the Light L16? Was it a concept ahead of its time or did it fail to live up to expectations?

Leica Galerie Konstanz: The first year and into the future

Leica Stores and galleries are appearing in big cities throughout the world. But in Germany's "farthest corner", the Kostanz gallery is attracting visitors from the prosperous hinterland in Switzerland, western Austria, southern Germany and eastern France.