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Long Tongued Bat scoops British retailer’s Photographer of the Year award

An inaugural photography competition, organized by The London Camera Exchange, has delivered some truly exceptional images. Both winners and runners-up have set a very high standard across multiple genres.

Conversations: The art of bonding with your photographic subjects

David tells us about a chance encounter with a street crusader which proved pivotal to his photographic career...

Digital Photography: Where the focus is on the fingers

A new twist on digital photography: taking pictures of fingers. Not just any old fingers, though; these belong to musicians, who are using them to play their musical instruments.

Leica M11-P Review: The camera with Contact Credentials

The Leica M11-P, announced last month, is the latest iteration of the customary “-P” version of the standard M digital. In June 2011, Leica brought us the M9-P, the first of these modern variants. It's now a tradition that the -P (said to be for “professional”) with its cosmetic and minor technical tweaks, follows on around 18 months after the base model. So it was with the M-P (Typ 240), the M10-P and now the M11-P...
Image from Bernhard Frei exhibition at Leica Galerie Konstanz, October 2023 until January 2024

How the Bernhard Frei exhibition shows what you could achieve with a Leica M11

For the first time ever, German fashion photographer Bernhard Frei shows his personal work in an exhibition. The huge images in the Leica Galerie Konstanz are a proof of what the Leica M11 cameras can do. Open until 14 January, 2024!

Intuition, exposure and the decisive moment

Jonathan Slack shares his thoughts on photography after 15 years as a Leica beta tester...

Capturing the Decisive Musical Moment: The eyes have it

Capturing the essence of a concert performance in a single image - the decisive musical moment - is a challenge for photographers. One strategy is to focus on the musician's eyes - when they are closed that is.

Street Photography with a Hasselblad: China in the 1980s and early 1990s

Although more usually associated with scenic and portrait photography, a Hasselblad set proved a very effective tool for capturing images of China in the 80s and 90s.

Photography in Illness: The therapeutic advantages of an absorbing project

Gerald Phillipson, faced with an unwelcome diagnosis, set out to ease the experience by means of his project, Photography in Illness...

Manplan Project: The state of Britain at the end of the Swinging Sixties

The Manplan project, which was to become one of the highlights of my career as a photographer, came to me in 1969 from a...

Lightroom London: David Hockney’s personal journey through sixty years of art

David Hockney has long been one of my favourite artists and just couldn’t miss his new and unusual exhibition in London. “Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away)” is an immersive visual experience which surrounds the visitor with Hockney themes tracing his work over sixty years.

Contact Sheets: A feast to be absorbed, night after night

As contact sheets were typically kept from curious eyes, it only served to increase our fascination with them...

Newberry Springs, California: Sightseeing in a suburb slowly being swallowed by sand

Newberry Springs is a small town on the edge of California's Mojave Desert. It is known as the location where the English language German film, Bagdad Cafe, by Percy Adlon was shot. Its abandoned homes, buried under sand, illustrate the power of nature to reclaim its own territory.