Seam Strap: Leather and camera straps with Peak Design connectors

Peak Design's partner program allows the innovative Anchor Mount connectors to be used by third-party leather camera strap manufacturers, including by this German company…

All GAS and Gaiters: A reflection on a distressing condition affecting some photographers

It's an affliction that most of us suffer from, one time or another, and it's difficult to treat effectively. Jon takes us through the tale of his own lifelong GAS, Gear Acquisition Syndrome, and discusses the remedies (if any)…
Product image shows Pixii rangefinder camera model A2572 with Leica CL digital

The Ten Most-Read Articles of the Quarter: Macfilos goes viral

The top ten most-read Macfilos articles of the last quarter cover all aspects of photography, with an emphasis on all things Leica. The topics covered include gear reviews, vintage cameras, travel photography, and the fun of learning to use a rangefinder.
Product image shows the Olympus 35 RC analogue rangefinder camera

Olympus 35 RC: A tiny but true rangefinder camera for beginners and experts

The Olympus RC 35 is a rangefinder camera from 1970. This review with many sample images shows where this timeless classic delivers and where not. And what prospective buyers should know.
Product image shows several attachable viewfinders made by various manufacturers

The M Files (17): Attachable viewfinders over almost a century

Over almost a century, Voigtländer, Zeiss, Ricoh, Olympus made attachable viewfinders. This review (The M Files, ep. 17) shows which are recommendable for your Leica or other rangefinder camera.

Micro four-thirds: Sigma halts development of lenses as demand falls

Sigma will no longer develop lenses for the micro four-thirds system and detects a decline in demand for APS-C optics. The company is moving forward with its range of full-frame lenses...

Fan Ho: The Cartier-Bresson of the East

John Shingleton pays tribute to the work of Hong Kong photographer Fan Ho, who has been described as the "Cartier-Bresson of the East".
Club Color 200 negative film scanned sample image

The Mystery Roll: Club Color 200 negative film, 22 years after expiry

22 years after expiry date, we discovered a neglected Club Color 200 film. There was nothing for it: We dug out our Olympus OM-4 Ti and exposed this mystery roll. What would the results be like 22 years after shelf-life was over?

OM System announces the OM-5, the first camera without the Olympus brand

Olympus Has Fallen — at least, the Olympus name has disappeared from the range of cameras. They are now OM System cameras and the new OM-5 is the first of the bunch...

OM System: Old memories, optical masterpieces and obscure mistakes

The rebranding of Olympus to OM Systems is a good opportunity to look at the legacy of OM cameras which featured ground-breaking innovations until Olympus messed up. And there even are some very interesting connections to Leica...

Langley Vale Centenary Wood: Witness

Kevin Armstrong pays a return visit to the Centenary Woods at Langley Vale in England to record the erection and completion of the stunning Witness memorial sculpture...

The serendipity of colours and shapes

It's what you see that matters. The camera doesn't matter, says David as he explores pictures that really called out to be taken...

People, Leica and me

What is it about taking photographs of people? Kathy considers whether or not it's an invasive thing to do...