Product image shows several attachable viewfinders made by various manufacturers

The M Files (17): Attachable viewfinders over almost a century

Over almost a century, Voigtländer, Zeiss, Ricoh, Olympus made attachable viewfinders. This review (The M Files, ep. 17) shows which are recommendable for your Leica or other rangefinder camera.

Top ten Macfilos articles in the first two months of 2023

The most-read Macfilos articles during the first two months of 2023: New model news, M4 and older stories get a new lease of life...

My First Camera: What was yours, and how did it frame your photography?

What was your first camera? What did it cost and do you have the original receipt. Mike remembers, and even found the receipt from 60 years ago...

The New Leica M6: Rebirth of a photographic legend

Why did I fall in love at first sight of the New Leica M6? Apart from the indisputable fact that it is gorgeous to behold, the new camera re-affirms Leica’s allegiance to film photography. It is Leica embracing its past by reissuing a classic design with updated... manufacturing techniques. But first, some background…
Image shows light meters Hedeco Lime Two and Gossen Polysix

Decent exposure (4): The brand new Hedeco Lime Two light meter and one of...

This article reviews the German-made Hedeco Lime Two attachable light meter which is ideal for Leica and other rangefinder cameras. It also compares the Hedeco Lime Two to a historic Gossen Polysix electronic 2.

Tony O’Shea and the ‘Me’ pictures: One of Ireland’s leading photographers and his quest...

The work of Tony O'Shea, one of Irelands leading photographers, depiction everyday life in Ireland over the past forty years. His work is now being preserved at the Photomuseum Ireland.
A view into a tiny lab shows why it is hard to say farewell to the darkroom

Turn off the red light: My farewell to the darkroom

An own darkroom was a dream for many photographers long ago. The author has kept working in his lab until 2022. But then he had to say goodbye - and did it with an emotional project

Leidolf Wetzlar: The forgotten brand from the home town of Leica

Everyone knows Leica Wetzlar. But what about Leidolf Wetzlar? Richard comes across a neglected Leidolf Lordomat at a camera fair and explores the history of this lesser name from the same home town as mighty Leica...
Club Color 200 negative film scanned sample image

The Mystery Roll: Club Color 200 negative film, 22 years after expiry

22 years after expiry date, we discovered a neglected Club Color 200 film. There was nothing for it: We dug out our Olympus OM-4 Ti and exposed this mystery roll. What would the results be like 22 years after shelf-life was over?

Vivid Velvia: Ten Fujifilm landscape photographs scanned after a quarter century and just ready...

Start with 3,000 Fujifilm Velvia slides and end up with ten landscapes that you'd be proud to hang on your wall. Chris looks back over 25 years of film photography with Fujifulm's vivid Velvia...