Lawrence of Arabia: It’s 89 years since he died on his beloved Brough motorcycle

The story of T.E. Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia, continues to fascinate 89 years after his death. He died in a motorcycle accident while riding his cherished Brough Superior SS100 on 29 May 1935.

Street Photography: Leica meets Fibonacci and the golden ratio

In the fourth article of his series on street photography, Keith has a close look at a mathematical strategy for creating balanced compositions. What does a formula described by a 13th century Italian mathematician have to do with taking pictures?

Sigma 24–70mm f/2.8 Art Zoom: Second generation is lighter, smaller with higher performance

The second-generation Sigma 24–70 f/2.8 DG DN |Art zoom is launched today. It promises improved optical performance and a welcome ten percent weight reduction with a seven percent size bonus...

Photo Fair season in full swing — from London to Paris

Photo fair season is upon us. We preview the forthcoming Photokina and Bievres fairs. We also have news of a new Fujifilm House of Camera in London and a detailed look at how the human eye works.

Leitz Photographica Auction: My top-ten favourites

Here are are my Top 10 favourites in the next Leitz Photographic Auction. I could have shown any number of black or olive-paint Leica M cameras, but these are always there, and they always sell well. I have tried to depict the many steps along the way for cameras and optics since the 1850s
Sample image to illustrate what matters when choosing the right L-Mount lens: This one was taken with the Panasonic Lumix 24-105/4

Choosing the right L-Mount lens: Range versus aperture, that is the question

What is more important for a zoom lens: range or aperture? Read a few answers to these old questions - and a suggestion that opens even more options...

Tasmania: The devil is in the rainfall

Inspired by Australian photographer Peter Dombrovskis, John travels to Tasmania and renews his acquaintance with landscape photography

Jason’s Newsround: Lies, damn lies, rumours, and statistics

Camera gear addicts love a good camera gear rumour, especially if it's about a long-awaited, highly-desirable piece of kit. This week, we've got a few to share.

Swiss Roll: There’s life in the old Kuchen yet

The intriguing story of the Swiss Roll, the long-lost Leica negatives brought back to life after 74 years, continues to mystify. Here is an update on an unsolved mystery...

Jason’s Newsround: List mania, the professional brute and renewed interest in Thypoch

Everyone loves camera gear reviews. And they are even harder to resist in the form of a listicle. This week, you are not just getting your camera gear review fix, but news of two recent 'Best of' lists.

L-Mount Cornucopia: Keeping track of your lens options

The success of the L-Mount means it is increasingly difficult to remember just what lenses are available. The handy reference table sorts models by focal length to make things easy...

Jason’s Newsround: We’ve got the perfect camera for stealthy street photography

Jason's Newsround from The stealthiest-ever street camera hits the range…

Leica CL to return? No, never, but what about a new Leica compact?

Will there ever by another Leica CL or even, a new Leica compact? Despite all the wishful thinking, I actually believe Leica’s bosses when they tell us they have no plans to resurrect APS-C. But a new compact is on the cards. Mike offers some suggestions...

Street Photography: A seven-step plan for overcoming range anxiety

Keith shares his strategy for tackling an aversion to photographing complete strangers. It's a seven-step plan for overcoming street photography 'range anxiety'.