Sunday, October 25, 2020

Where does the camera industry go from here?

Narain Jashanmal takes a look at the current state of the photographic industry and wonders just where we go from here...

In praise of the older reader… But seeking younger blood

Is it good or bad for a website to appeal mainly to more mature readers? Mike wonders if he should spruce up the lingo a little...

High-price Nikon L rangefinder fetches €398,000 at Wetzlar auction

Wetzlar Camera Auctions last week achieved a word-record price for a vintage Nikon. The prototype Nikon L with Leica screw mount went for just shy of €400,000.

La’al Ratty: A reunion with the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway in England’s Lake District

Continent hopping is on hold for now. So Mike turned back the clock to the 1950s with a nostalgic visit to the English Lake District and the superb Ravenglass & Eskdale 15in-gauge railway...

Knighthood for David Suchet, actor and accomplished photographer

David Suchet, without doubt the queintessenial Hercule Poirot, is to be knighted. Arise, Sir Hercule!

Leica D-Lux: The perfect companion for exploring Japan

Rediscovering Japan, meeting family through the lens of the handy Leica D-Lux type 109...

Leica I Model A: First review of the new 1930 model


January 1930 and I have just been asked by Leitz Optische Werke to review the latest version of their miniature marvel of technology, the Leica I Model A miniature camera. It is truly revolutionary. Because it uses 35mm cine film you can feed enough stock into a little steel cassette to allow up to 36 pictures without having to stop and reload. It’s also very advanced, with automatic features such as a knob that advances the film by exactly one frame at a time and cocks the shutter simultaneously.

Zeiss ZX1: Now heading to the maternity ward at long last

The computational Zeiss ZX1: It's (almost) here at last following two years of gestation. Will it be a hit or a miss?

LHSA Annual Meeting zooms in to your home

This year the LHSA’s Annual Meeting goes electronic because of the Covid pandemic. There is still room to register for the evening which takes place on Friday and Saturday, October 9 and 10.

Leica SL promotion: Save up to £1,000 on lenses this Autumn

Save up to £1,000 on a Leica SL system in October and November