Monday, November 23, 2020

Own a Leica camera for only 7 pence a day…

Those were the days. When you could walk out of a smart London photographic retailer with a brand new Leica for only 7 pence a day over 24 months. But was it such a bargain?

Macfilos at Eight: Snotty little engine driver switches to the merchant navy

Obnoxious child: An eight-year-old Macfilos can't make his mind up whether to be a miniature engine driver or a porter on a magnificent liner...

Leica’s parallel universe: The case for a Q2 Monochrom

What do you think of Leica's rumoured plans to launch a monochrome version of the successful Q2 fixed-lens compact? Hit or a miss? Mike looks at the potential for this camera...

Leica X1 and X2: That pesky Battery Clip

If you own a Leica X1 or X2 you have been very lucky if the plastic battery retaining clip hasn’t sheared off before now. Maybe it’s worth ordering a spare in case Leica run out of them...

Leica: Something monochrome, something mysterious with an S

It looks like the anticipated Q2 Monochrom will be with us in November. But what's all this about an SL2-S and what could that S-suffix stand for?

Late Spring Cleaning: Network storage and getting ready for a fresh start

When hell freezes over, we'll still have shredding machines. Mike has a big clear up and wins the battle with his new Synology NAS disk station.

Where does the camera industry go from here?

Narain Jashanmal takes a look at the current state of the photographic industry and wonders just where we go from here...

In praise of the older reader… But seeking younger blood

Is it good or bad for a website to appeal mainly to more mature readers? Mike wonders if he should spruce up the lingo a little...

Panasonic S5 and its peers: Handsome piggy in the middle

This photograph of three Panasonic cameras illustrates just how small and light the new Lumix S5 is in comparison with the S1R and GH5.

Juicy deals on Panasonic’s S5: Two superb lenses and a body for under £2k

Panasonic's new baby S5, the solution for those who find the S1 or Leica SL too heavy, offers great performance at an attractive price. And if you order before the end of September you get a free Sigma 45mm lens. Not much not to like about this deal...