Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Can you ever have enough cameras?

Hello - I’m Andrew. I’ve just published my first article on Macfilos - you can read it here - and I thought it was...

Haptic adventures with a medium-format digital back

After a surfeit of Leica digital M variations, Andrew decided to go old school with Hasselblad, but spiced things up with a digital back...

Turning your Hasselblad gear into cash

Near the British museum lies a unique photographic gem — the Camera Museum. It's part museum, part cafe and part shop. Specialising in Hasselblad, the store is now looking to buy your old gear or sell it on commission.

Cheaper Hasselblad X1D II arrives

Hasselblad today announced the X1D Mark II medium-format camera which will cost less than its predecessor. The camera will arrive in July and will be priced at £5,400, including tax.

Vintage cameras as fashion accessories

You're not dressed for the Forties unless you have a vintage camera around your neck. As Mike found out last weekend

Hasselblad Christmas: HD night-time images

An outing with the Hasselblad X1D to capture some stunning night-time Christmas decorations on Vancouver Island

Romania: Travels in Transylvania

At the start of the new millennium I visited Translyvania on three occasions. Working with a local translator/fixer, I documented life in the Szekely region that had changed very little in hundreds of years.

Cheap Shot: The long-lens itch is scratched for a few dollars


Our Leica X1 ambassador has nurtured a secret lust for a long zoom. It’s an itch he has scratched for just a few dollars, with Fuji as the surprise newcomer to the Shingleton stable.

Sony RX100 VI Review: The teeniest with the mostest


After extensive reviewing of both the Leica C-Lux and the Sony RX100 Mark VI, we are suffering from one-inch sensor overload here at Macfilos. The Sony, however, turns out to fully justify its “pocket” pretensions and crams a tremendous amount of power and sophistication into a package weighing just 50% more than an iPhone X.

Signal to Noise: An often misunderstood relationship


Wayne wonders whether a bit of grain or noise isn’t a good thing after all…..