Jason’s Newsround: Lies, damn lies, rumours, and statistics

Camera gear addicts love a good camera gear rumour, especially if it's about a long-awaited, highly-desirable piece of kit. This week, we've got a few to share.
Product image shows Epson R-D1 digital rangefinder camera

M Files (25): Epson R-D1 — the world’s first digital rangefinder camera

Subtititle: It was the world’s first rangefinder camera, two years ahead of the Leica M8. The Espon R-D1 celeberates its 20th birthday in 2024. Episode 25 of The M Files provides an appropriate tribute.
Product image shows Contax G System components

Contax G System: The other rangefinder camera

It was a shot-lived rangefinder option – maybe because it was too modern. The Contax G System consisted of two cameras and seven lenses. This article gives an overview of history and product range.

Jeremy’s year shooting landscape with the Leica M11 rangefinder

Professional photographer Jeremy Walker has spent a year shooting landscapes with his latest Leica rangefinder. Here is his full review…
photography & video show birmingham

Jason’s Newsround: Leica M reimagined, new show venues, Ricoh’s new GR III HDF cameras

In this week's news round, we look at the Leica M reimagined, a bold take on bringing the rangefinder up to date. There are new venues for two British photographic events, details of a toy camera that could make a fun present for any photographer, and a glimpse of a new collapsible 50mm f/2 lens for M-Mount. Plus, Fujifilm tells us that without the success of the X100, the company could have been in a difficult position. Finally, we look at all the wild rumours of a revolutionary Leica D-Lux 8. Sorry, but we don't think they are true.

Operation Lock Almost: One way to tame that skittering focus point on the Leica...

Operation Lock. That’s what Panasonic calls it. All modern Panasonic Lumix cameras, as far as I know, offer this quick and convenient method of locking down the controls so you can be sure none of your settings will be upset by itchy fingers or wandering thumbs. Similar features are common in many modern cameras. But Leica has steadfastly refused to add an easily operated operation lock function to prevent the four-way pad or the joystick (where fitted) from moving the focus point around unbidden.

Fuji X100VI Limited Edition: Ballot for the 110 cameras allocated to the UK

The Fuji X100VI Limited Edition, celebrating Fujifilm's 90th anniversary in 2024, is to be the subject of a ballot to choose Britain's lucky 110 buyers. With only 1,934 units worldwide, the Limited Edition will be in massive demand everywhere, transcending the already strong debut of the standard model…

All the action from the Leica world: people, gatherings, cameras, firmware updates, and deals!

This week's news round is dominated by all the goings-on in the Leica world. If you fancy a weekend getaway with fellow enthusiasts, here's your chance. Or, if you would like to buy some used Leica gear with zero-interest financing, head to Mayfair. Perhaps you've already picked up a new SL3 or Sofort. In that case, we have some news for you. And if you would like to know what's going on beyond the Leica world, don't worry, Ricoh, Fujifilm, Panasonic, and Lomography all get a mention too.

Light Lens Lab 35/1.4 Double Aspheric Replica reviewed

The Light Lens Lab 35/1.4 Double Stroke Aspheric Replica takes me back three decades to the time when I decided to buy the original Leica Summilux-M 1.4/35mm Aspherical (11873) which was introduced in 1989. It is a lens I have been eagerly awaiting ever since I set hands on the LLL f/1.2 Noctilux clone…

Lining up the Dot: The British creation that changed the face of Leica lenses

In this week's Macfilos news round, we look at British invention led to Leica's red dot lens alignment. And more....

Leica in 2024 and 2025: What’s next from Wetzlar

What to expect from Leica in 2024 and 2025? Our crystal ball article in November 2022 proved to be one of the most successful...

M-Mount lenses with automatic depth-of-field scale

Our weekly news round continues with a new M-Mount lenses featuring an automatic depth-of-field scale. There's also a w(eir)dly named, vowelless panoramic digital full-frame camera with “viewfinder” aspirations, a design for a Lego M6, and a reminder of desirable Leica camera/lens bundles. We are also bringing tips on Leica’s perspective control, and news of the worst product name of the year...

Leica M with EVF: I have the next-best thing

The author sticks his oar into the controversial subject of M-lenses mounted on a camera equipped with an EVF. His choice of camera might come as a surprise to devoted Leica fans.

Leica M11-P Review: The camera with Contact Credentials

The Leica M11-P, announced last month, is the latest iteration of the customary “-P” version of the standard M digital. In June 2011, Leica brought us the M9-P, the first of these modern variants. It's now a tradition that the -P (said to be for “professional”) with its cosmetic and minor technical tweaks, follows on around 18 months after the base model. So it was with the M-P (Typ 240), the M10-P and now the M11-P...