What’s the point of photography exhibitions in the age of social media?

Is there any point in physical exhibitions in these days of instant social media gratification. Keith decided to organise his first exhibition on the subject of "Abstract Coronado" and came away with a surprising conclusion...

Fuji enchantment at Chatsworth House

Chatsworth is regarded as one of the foremost stately homes in the United Kingdom, combining architecture and landscaping in an incredible setting. It's one of David Bailey's favourite haunts and here he leads you through the Chatsworth story.

Locks Ajar: A trip to two favourite spots with old Hektor in tow

The locks are off and the prison door is slightly ajar. Time for a first trip in the Jaguar I-Page to two favourite locations and with a strange lens in the bag...

LHSA becomes Leica Society International to reflect new world role

Leica enthusiasts from around the world gathered in Dublin for the first annual conference under the new banner of Leica Society International...

My Summer: Where the surf meets the turf

Gary Schwartzwald explores the colourful world of horse racing at Del Mar in California...

Record prices achieved at the Wetzlar Camera Auction event last Saturday

Impressive prices were achieved at last Saturday's Wetzlar Camera Auctions' event, including a record €687,500 paid for a rare prototype square format Leica camera from 1954...

Leica Q strip-down: Now put it all back together again

If you have half a day to spare, get out your magnetic screwdriver and dismantle your £4,000 Leica Q into a pile of spare parts and tiny screws. It's therapeutic.

Wetzlar Winners: Highlights of the Wetzlar Camera Auction on October 8

William Fagan provides in insight into potential winners at the Wetzlar Camera Auction which takes place on October 8...

Delage: Together again 95 years after the British Grand Prix at Brooklands

After 95 years, the winning Delage duo meet again on the legendary banked track at Brooklands. Mike explains how motor vehicles of the years between the two World Wars can still stir the blood...

Motor Cars on Main Street: How the Coronado vintage car rally adapted to the...

Car rallies and vintage events were incidental casualties of the pandemic. But this Californian event found a novel way of keeping things moving...

David Suchet: Behind the Lens, My Life

Last evening in the Leica Gallery, Duke Street, actor David Suchet launched his new autobiography, Behind the Lens: My Life, to a large gathering...

Veteran Cars: Where there’s brass there’s even more brass

Fancy sitting on (rather than in) a motorcar made before 1905 on a miserable November morning for a 50-mile trip from London to Brighton You need to be pretty hardy and also nifty with a spanner. Mike visited to prequel of the run in London's Regent Street last Saturday.

Independence Day Coronado style

Street photography can be a challenge these days, but being the official photographer-at-large at a major July 4 celebration provides a cast-iron ticket to shoot. Keith took his Panasonic and Sigma gear to see what's doing at the Coronado Independence Day bash...

Munich Olympics 1972 Crisis: How I became the only photographer in the village

After a decade of dodging bullets in war zones, Don thought the 1972 Munich OIympics would be strenuous but fun. He got more than he bargained for....

Langley Vale Centenary Wood: Witness

Kevin Armstrong pays a return visit to the Centenary Woods at Langley Vale in England to record the erection and completion of the stunning Witness memorial sculpture...