Leica CL: A reluctant goodbye but it’s now time to look to the future

Leica's APS-C range is dead. The CL and TL are no more. So is it time to stop mourning and look to the future? Mike thinks so...

Leica M with EVF: I have the next-best thing

The author sticks his oar into the controversial subject of M-lenses mounted on a camera equipped with an EVF. His choice of camera might come as a surprise to devoted Leica fans.

Review: Leica 50 mm Summilux Asph 2023 Close Focus

Jonathan Slack reviews Leica's latest M lens, the close-focus 50 mm Summilux Asph. How does it fare as a companion to the recent 35 mm Summilux Asph?

Review: Leica Classic Steel-Rim Summilux-M 35 f/1.4 and a look at the new M6...

Jonathan Slack reviews the new-old Leica Summilux-M 35 f/1.4 after a year of testing. And takes a look at the new classic M6 film camera...

What are the prospects for a lighter L-Mount full-frame camera?

Panasonic is still working on a "more affordable" L-Mount full-frame camera. If "affordable" means lighter and smaller, we're already signed up.

Light Lens Lab 35/1.4 Double Aspheric Replica reviewed

The Light Lens Lab 35/1.4 Double Stroke Aspheric Replica takes me back three decades to the time when I decided to buy the original Leica Summilux-M 1.4/35mm Aspherical (11873) which was introduced in 1989. It is a lens I have been eagerly awaiting ever since I set hands on the LLL f/1.2 Noctilux clone…

Leica C Lux: A compact travel camera for our time

Leica's C Lux could well be the ideal travel companion. It's light, chunkily handleable and possessed of the longest snout since Pinochio exercised his curiosity...

Juicy deals on Panasonic’s S5: Two superb lenses and a body for under £2k

Panasonic's new baby S5, the solution for those who find the S1 or Leica SL too heavy, offers great performance at an attractive price. And if you order before the end of September you get a free Sigma 45mm lens. Not much not to like about this deal...

Sigma announces three Contemporary fast APS-C primes for L-Mount

Sigma has just introduced three fast APS-C primes when the only compatible cameras are Leica's CL and TL2. What's happening here?

Can you ever have enough cameras?

Hello - I’m Andrew. I’ve just published my first article on Macfilos - you can read it here - and I thought it was...

Little Red Riding hood replaces the notoriously losable Leica hood cap 14043

That old grannie would snatch off your hood cap as soon as look at you. Now, Red Dot Cameras have the perfect antidote in the form of the new red rubber riding hood...

Street Photography: My pocketable, relatively affordable, extremely stylish Leica companion

The debate rages on about the best camera for street photography, but Keith would argue that a discontinued gem, the Leica TL2, is a great option out on the street.

Leica-Lumix L-mount Lowdown: Perspectives and Permutations

WARNING! LEICA GEAR-NERD CONTENT The following article contains material that may be harmful, traumatising, or infuriating to Sony, Canon, Fuji or Nikon users  READER DISCRETION ADVISED I began...

Goodbye Leica X2, hello Panasonic Lumix GX9

When the trust old Leica X2 gave up the ghost, where to turn. Jean Perenet has migrated to the similarly sized Panasonic Lumix GX9, swapping APS-C for micro four-thirds along the way...

Three new compact Sigma primes for L-Mount

Since the formation of the L-Mount Alliance in 2018, there has been demand for lighter and smaller system lenses, particularly to suit cameras such as the Sigma fp and Panasonic S5. Now Sigma has added to it's Contemporary range with three keenly priced primes...