Where does the camera industry go from here?

Narain Jashanmal takes a look at the current state of the photographic industry and wonders just where we go from here...

Leica M camera development: EVF, IBIS unlikely

The prospect of an M camera with EVF instead of the rangefinder is unlikely, as is an M body with stabilisation. During the discussion...

Leica: APS-C is a continuing part of our product range

During Friday's on-line conference between members of the LHSA – the International Leica Society – and Leica bosses, product director Stefan Daniel confirmed the...

The rise and rise of the Leica M9

The Leica M9 occupies a unique place among digital rangefinders. The first full-frame M, with a CCD sensor, has achieved something of cult status and is in great demand, whether in colour or monochrome versions...

Whatever happened to the Heathrow Model Concorde?

For twenty years, from the early eighties onwards, visitors to London Heathrow could marvel at the sight of the striking model of the British...

Our Swiss Roll mystery photo hunt featured on BBC

William Fagan's mystery roll of Leica film which featured in our Swiss roll feature on September 11, has been published today on the BBC...

Zeiss ZX1 first review

It's quite a surprise to find the elusive Zeiss ZX1 appearing in the wild after such a long wait. DPReview has managed to bag...

A plague on all your ads: Google Adsense goes incontinent

While I was in Germany this week I noticed random panel advertising appearing on Macfilos. In some cases, advertisements were placed in between comments....

Mr Jones, Josef Stalin and a “Leica” screw-mount

A favourite actor, an educational theme and a Leica. What's not to like about Mr Jones?

Camera stores looted and burned down in US protests

Over the past 72 hours, at least two well-known camera stores have been put out of business during the protests in the USA. The...

Leica cameras of the 20th Century: A video presentation from noted expert, William Fagan

William Fagan's presentation to LHSA members on old Leicas from the mid-1920s to the end of the century has been a great success. Macfilos readers now have the chance to watch the video. We also include a special membership offer and the opportunity to take part in a competition to win a Leica M10-R body.

Leica CL firmware update mimics Q2 and SL2 menu layouts

Leica CL firmware 4.0 brings Q2 and SL menu format

Leica’s S3: One for the few, not the many

The Leica S DSLR occupies a rarefied corner of Leicadom of which I know very little. It has always been there, in my peripheral...

Leica acknowledges the end of APS-C cameras. It’s now full-frame ahead for Wetzlar

It's official. Or it's rumoured to be official. It seems clear Leica has reached the end of the road with its APS-C range, the CL and TL2. But there's no public statement. Just an advisory note to distributors...

The Leicas of Police Street

Whatever you do, don't overtake a Leica. This unmistakable Disco was found parked outside the recent Photographica fair in London. It's the vehicle of...