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Leica Q2: Digital versus optical zoom

"I've decided, we'll risk it", said Ernst Leitz II when backing Oskar Barnack and his team with the first Leica camera. Some risk, some decision. Some 95 years later, the Q2 is no risk, it is a sure-fire winner

“Serious” photographers have often tended to look down their noses at digital crops, maintaining that optical zooms (or longer primes) are the only answer if you want to get closer. They make an exception for walk-to-zoom, or “zoom with your feet”. That has always been perfectly acceptable, of course, and in the early days it was the only option.

Leica Q2 arrives at Macfilos


This morning I was at Red Dot Cameras in Goswell Road to pick up my own Leica Q2. Yesterday I got to examine it at Leica’s breakfast press conference in Duke Street and I liked what I saw. So I was pleased I’d had the foresight to get myself high up on Ivor Cooper’s ever-lengthening waiting list.

Macfilos website teething problems


Since transferring to WordPress a month ago we have had some minor teething problems which have been frustrating for readers. Chief among these is a cache problem.

Leica Q2 Review: Better at every level



The original Leica Q arrived just in time for Christmas in 2014, it was a real surprise and has proved to be a well-deserved success for Leica. My article on the camera “Hemingway – the Leica Q” was published when it was launched on 10 June 2015.

Leica Q2 is here: 47.3MP sensor, OLED VF, weather protection

The diopter adjuster, once set, can be pushed into the body to avoid accidental movement

Leica’s second-generation Q brings improvements all round while retaining the same fixed 28mm Summilux f/1.7 ASPH lens as its predecessor. The new 47.3MP sensor is claimed to offer the best image quality in the full-frame compact camera segment. The body and lens is dust and spray-water proofed.

MG classics and the versatile Panasonic FZ1000

MGB Classic car
MGB Classic

“Rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated” —Mark Twain

The same might be said of the MG marque. It seems to persist through all adversity. After its origin in 1923, Morris Garages went through a series of stages, from making its own cars to re-badging sports models of other British makes, then on to the MGB V8 and through to closure.

Mailing list signup: Check your spam

Things were simpler in the days of typewriters, carbon paper and tuppenny stamps.....

Since we moved over to the new site the mailing list registration form has been updated to comply with GDPR — which means that when you register the system will send an automatic request for you to confirm your willingness to be added to the list.

Top 18 cameras for street photography


It‘s fascinating to decide on the ideal camera for a particular use, especially when it comes to so-called street photography where the criteria are light weight, discrete appearance and easy focus. Shutterbug‘s Jason Schneider has published his own special list and it makes interesting reading for Macfilistas.

RP meets Canon-P, the original popular camera

The original popular, the Canon-P from the late 1950s

When the Canon EOS RP was announced a couple of weeks ago there ensued a discussion on the meaning of “P”. Leica fans and some others felt that P should always stand for “professional” while Canon explicitly stated that the P in RP was for “popular”. Quite the opposite, it would seem. Yet Canon and P-for-popular have a long history. A history I know from my own experience.

Leica APO-Summicron-SL 35 f/2 ASPH and Friends



The first prototype of the 75 APO Summicron SL arrived in January 2017.

I had several copies of that lens over the next year, during which time Leica refined the autofocus. But I have to say that the image quality never really needed much work.