Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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With the Ricoh GR to Laos — Part One


Some years ago, I was urged to go to Laos by my neighbour, a Lao refugee, to visit his homeland because the Chinese were then laying their hands on the country. Looking back, he was right as some of the boat trips we did on the Mekong River are impossible to do nowadays following the building of dams on the Mekong but also on the many tributaries.

Leica Mirrorless: A smaller ILC camera in prospect?


A mirrorless Leica M-mount camera to appeal to owners of manual lenses is now looking more likely, according to Leica Rumors and other sites. It has certainly been talked about often and I can remember a lively discussion on the subject during Stefan Daniel’s presentation to the LHSA in Wetzlar last October.

Leica Store and Gallery Konstanz: A new venue for photographers


It is an ambitious project in a comparatively small place: Constance, university town and tourist destination, with a population of only 86,000, on the shores of the Bodensee (or Lake Constance in English), is growing into a Mecca for lovers of photography and Leica aficionados in particular.

APS-C Fixed Lens Duo: Ricoh GR v Leica X2


Many of you know of my love affair with the Ricoh GR. It has been my travel camera for the past six years, although it has recently started to collect dust since I bought the Leica X2 a couple of years back.

Hot-rod Girls: Never say never


There used to be regular Photo Industry shows in Sydney but, alas, they stopped a few years ago. I do not know why, but I suspect expense was at the root of the problem. The last show I attended was probably ten years ago.

Street photography in East London’s Brick Lane

International artist Nether at work. Leica X Vario

This is the first of two articles illustrating my wanderings over a few months in and around Brick Lane in London.

Brick Lane has been a destination for many years because of its Sunday market and, more recently, it has become a magnet for street photographers attracted by the street art, markets and colourful characters.

The 50mm focal length is garbage, OK? Wide talk ruffles a few traditionalist feathers


Chris Gampat has said that the 50mm focal length is “just garbage”. Heresy? The accepted “normal” focal length, the one that the great HCB used, the one that was supplied as standard with countless film cameras in the pre-digital age. Garbage?

Six cameras easy to carry anywhere


What is the ideal carry-anywhere travel camera? We’ve discussed this endlessly here on Macfilos. Roger Payne at DigitalRev has looked at the current market. All the usual suspects are there, including our favourites, the Sony RX100, Ricoh GR and Panasonic LX100. The Q, although bulkier than competitors, makes an impressive go-anywhere travel cam.

Aperture bites the dust — again


I used to love Apple’s Aperture and I was miffed when, in 2014, it was made clear that no further updates would be published. But Aperture lived on. Some still swear by it, although the majority of users have moved on to Lightroom and a host of other applications. Some decided to downgrade to Apple’s own photos which became a sort of hybrid of the company’s low- and high-end offerings.

Japan: People, places and moments


There are places and moments which touch us and make us feel present with the moment around us. Often those experiences are forgotten, but they are part of what makes us who we are.